When learning a new craft, there are several scenarios that you should try to avoid. First, avoid projects that are FAR above your abilities. It’s okay to be challenged, but if the project is too hard, you will inevitably become frustrated,… and this can result in the abandonment of a craft before you've had a chance to really get to know it. On the flip side, stay away from projects that are mind numbingly booorrrring! I remember a friend of mine went to a knitting class, and came home with enough beige yarn to make a 14’ scarf… true story! It took her 2 years to finish it. Not because it was hard, but she felt knitting wasn’t stimulate. Uh, ya think? Finally, to use William Morris’ quote, “Have nothing your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” You can easily change this quote to “CREATE nothing that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Don’t get me started on the projects my children created in shop class. Point of discussion… how long must a parent display a hideous paper napkin holder on the dining room table (we actually had to buy some paper napkins to use it) before you can guilt free use it as kindling?

Anyway… this is a really, really long winded introduction to the array of dishcloths pictured here. If you are new to knitting or crocheting, I think dishcloths are a wonderful way to learn a new skill. Why? First, there is an almost infinite variety of dishcloth/washcloth patterns for beginners and advanced knitters/crocheters. Do a Google search on "knit or crochet dishcloth patterns", and you could easily make something different every day for a year. I did a Google search on "Pinterest dishcloths". Let me tell you, there are a ton of people that seem to like the little buggers. Another reason I like them as a beginning project, they are quick to complete. Nothing breeds success like success. Before you can get bored, you are done and ready to move on to your next project. Finally, they are very useful AND can be very beautiful. Not only can you create a stack for your home, they also make great gifts. Using a light weight yarn, make a stack for a baby shower. As a new mom, you can never have too many washcloths! Make a few, include a bar of handmade soap, and you have a lovely gift for a friend. AND, they make great rugs in a gnome home!

There you have it… my ode to the seemingly lowly dishcloth. So, for all of you out there that have been lamenting your inability to knit or crochet, start out with the simple dishcloth. There are a ton of patterns online. You will easily find one that matches your skill level : )

You can get the pattern for the dishcloth pictured HERE.

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