A Bird in Winter Quickie Review

A Bird in Winter Quickie Review

This is definitely a "quickie" book review, but I wanted to get something up before people considered buying this book.

The other day I mentioned that I ordered the book A Bird in Winter: A Picture Book Inspired by Pieter Bruegel The Elder, by Helene Kerillis and Stephane Girel, I'm sad to say, this isn't a book I'd recommend. Although I think children would enjoy the the rather simplistic style of the illustrations, the story was not to my liking. There is a harshness to the story that I think children would find unsettling. Also, I found the characters to be flat. I think in general I felt like they took a potentially interesting story and rushed it, making me feel unmoved in the end.

I can't remember where I originally read about it, but they gave it glowing reviews, and I had high hopes for the book. Checking on Amazon now, I noticed it was not rated and no one has written a review. I realize this isn't an in depth book review, but many people buy books we mention, and I didn't want this one included on our list 🙁    



  1. What a shame ad the illustrations look amazing! Shame!

  2. Our children received this book from a co-worker of my husband’s and I didn’t care for it either. Agreed, the illustrations are sweet, but my boys thought the mom was mean and the little girl was naughty for sneaking around. They didn’t feel particularly sorry for the girl or the bird! I also felt like the author didn’t make us care enough. I’m assuming this story wasn’t originally written in English. Perhaps it just didn’t translate well.

  3. Appreciate your reviews. I was considering ordering it, but wanted a little more information than on Amazon. Glad I checked, but sad it didn’t get the reviews I hoped for. Thank you.

    1. Kimara

      It does make me sad when I get a children’s book that I have high hopes for that disappoints. Of course, as an adult there are many books I pick up and start reading that I never finish. Obviously, there were those that thought the book was good, thus it was published, but when it comes right down to it, it is a matter of taste! ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

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