Evolving Blog

Evolving Blog

Michelle and I have a tendency to view inadament objects, like our homes, as living, breathing, organic entities that must continuously evolve or face extinction. It’s not surprising that we’d treat our blog in the same manner. And that should explain why the look of our blog is changing yet again!

Michelle is the graphic and computer guru. She does the work, and I sit on the other end of the phone listening to her say, "Okay, refresh again. Which do you like better?" And I dutifully refresh the page, and try to discern the minute nuances that are at times barely perceptible to me, but I know her eye for detail will eventually result in a lovely and comfortable blog that I happily call home!

So, please be patient with us again. There are still some issues with photo size and text wrapping. There also seems to be some discrepancy in text size. This is all an enigma to me, but to Michelle it is an enthralling puzzle that she enjoys solving! So, we’ll let her have her fun, knowing full well that the end result will be delightful.

There is another good thing to come of all this. The signatures now work, so any registered member is welcomed, nay, encouraged, to include their website or blog in their signature. Then, every time you post a comment, your blog address will show up and other members will be able to drop by and say hi. So if you’re a registered member and would like to share your web address or blog, and haven’t done so already, just pop into your account and include your URL, and post comments.

So, forgive the mess and please leave a comment on this posting if you discover some funky behavior. Thanks! 


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  1. …but to Michelle it is an enthralling puzzle that she enjoys solving!

    HA! I’m not sure I would consider staring at code, muttering things under my breath that I won’t disclose, and wondering why oh why can’t all browsers play nicely together constitutes as an ENTHRALLING PUZZLE in my book. But seeing the project through rose colored glasses might be a good thing. 😉

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