Fairy’s Memory Bouquet

Fairy’s Memory Bouquet


Here’s our little Fairy after her performance at her recital. The theme this year was Dance Hotel and Fairy’s class performed The Swimming Pool! There was lots of diving and swimming and nose plugging fun and talent, I can assure you! Here she is after the performance, looking as fresh as if she just got out of the pool, and was thrilled to be holding her flowers! (It was no coincidence that the flower was blue this year!) This is now Fairy’s 2nd felt flower in her memory bouquet. Although she will have many accomplishments (she’s achieved yellow belt tae kwondo), I’m reserving felt flowers for the times in her life we would normally give her flowers. I have also started a “Memory Bouquet” scrapbook which will document her accomplishments through her growing bouquet. It also has instructions for how to make this flower, and I’ll design a new flower for each event. If you would like to start your own memory bouquet or turn this flower into a brooch, check out our FREE PATTERN. Enjoy!




  1. Your little fairy is very pretty! Thank you for offering this amazing pattern too, Kimara! Have a great week!

  2. Ooooooo! How cute! It always surprises me when little ones can go on stage. I love this idea and wish I had thought about it when my daughter was younger. She is in dance, too. She’s 14 now, and I’ve missed many memoriable times, but I’m going to start doing it any way. Thanks for a great idea.

  3. I love how you put the felt flower in the bouquet with real flowers. What an incredible touch. Just curious, is Fairy keeping her flowers in some sort of vase or are you putting them away for her. Although the felt flower looks sturdy, I’m sure it can’t be played with a lot.

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