Fairy’s New Bling

Fairy’s New Bling

Check out Fairy's new bling… and no I don't mean the crazy earrings (although those are new too). Yesterday, Fairy got some serious ortho gear installed… braces and an expander. Ouch! She has a cross bite that needs to be fixed and needs space for some of her new teeth to come in.

She was quite the trooper and thought it was great fun to pick out the colors of her bands. Now her smile is as sparkly as she is. She did pretty well last night but woke up very sore.

Thank you Gammy for bringing over a Mango smoothy for breakfast! She wasn't able to eat anything else when she got up. I think there will be a lot of ice cream this weekend as she adjusts to them.

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  1. Oh Fairy, I can so relate. I too had braces tho not a colorful as yours. (40 yrs ago) I has pasta for my first meal when my teeth were so sore. Make sure you brush REALLY well or the cavity creep will get you.

  2. Hang in there Fairy, and make sure to brush your teeth well after all those soft sweets! We were just informed yesterday that our 7 yo daughter needs to get braces, too. She wants pink and green bands, almost like your purple and green ones.

  3. My Son has a cross bite also. He had the expander put in a couple months ago and braces last month. He couldn’t eat much for the first week the expander was in either. He needed advil for the first couple days. Other than the pain he loved it because he too got to eat ice cream, pudding, jello, etc. for breakfast, lunch, and dinner lol. He loves going in each visit and picking out the new colors for his bands. It’s the simple things that keep them happy 🙂

  4. I didnu2019t notice her earring until you said. My eyes were fixed on her new bling. She looks so cute with it. Thanks for uploading those pictures. I love mango smoothies as well, especially after a session with my dentist. microsoft error codes

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