Hairy Legs… And Not Mine!

Hairy Legs… And Not Mine!

Photo from Ravelry's Harpa Jónsdóttir

We have dogs… and usually lots of dogs. For that reason alone, we do not have carpeting anywhere in our house. (We have a few area rugs that can be taken outside and hosed down.) Fortunately, I love wood floors, but that's just a bonus. We have no carpets, because no matter how I try, they always smell like "dawg". Same is true with our couches… no cloth upholstery for us! All of our couches and chairs are leather. They are easy to wipe down. Doggie odors be gone.

What we do have in our house is dog fur. If I didn't sweep the floors daily, we'd be knee deep in dog fur in a matter of days. I've come to embrace sweeping (Note: this is an out-and-out lie, but I'm sticking to it) and I have a water based steam floor cleaner which means I can go over my floors, ridding them of paw prints, with no need to use chemicals.

I guess by now you can understand that we are serious dog owners. I love all my pups, and Tim loves them more, so we are willing to go a long way to make living together an harmonious experience. And I don't often complain about the extra work they cause. Who am I kidding… I usually complain daily… but then I get those big sized doggie hugs and kisses, and all is forgiven.

In all this, my biggest complaint is our chair legs. Go figure! Since there is no carpeting under our chairs, we have to do something to protect the wooden floors from the constant movement of dining room chairs. So, we've put those pads on the bottom of the chairs. You know the kind made of felt or carpet that you nail or glue to the bottom of the legs. Those work great… for about a month. THEN they trap little bits of grit in them, and remember ALL that dog fur I mentioned earlier? Well… in a month's time, the bottom of the chairs look like a hairy creature out of "Where the Wild Things Are"! I then have the unsavory task of turning the chairs upside down and plucking dog fur off the bottom. NOT my favorite job. AND if my love of dogs is ever challenged, it's when I'm sheering the bottom of my chairs! My dogs have enough common sense to stay clear of me while I preform this task, and tend to give each other accusatory looks, as if to say to the other dogs, "Hey, Dudes. You have to work on the whole shedding thing. I shed outside, Man, it must be you guys." 

This has been a rather long winded explanation as to why I was so excited when I saw these Feet Covers on Pinterest this morning. BRILLIANT idea! I could knit up a couple of these… (let's see… 12 chairs, 4 legs… crunchin' numbers here… ah, yes, 48) yikes!!! Okay, they are simple, I could knit up 48 of these, then every couple weeks, I could pull them off, and run them through the laundry. What doesn't fall off will felt right into the Feet Covers! If I get really ambitious, I could knit up 2 pair, to change out while the others are in the wash!

Anyway… whether you have a canine infestation or simply want to protect your wooden floors, I love this solution. Also, think of the fun you could have with yarn! I like my socks to reflect my mood (solid brown and black socks for ho-hum days, and funky socks for when I'm feeling sassy 🙂 The Free Pattern for these can be found at The Daily Knitter. I think I will knit up one set and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted 🙂



  1. AWESOME! I am going to use some felted sweaters and sew them instead of knitting! SO tired of those felt feet that dog hair sticks to.

  2. I need these!
    We’re just about to get a dog and my only concern is keeping the house as clean as I want it to be. I know it will be a bit of extra work, but that part is okay.
    These are so great. I wonder if anyone on Etsy makes them to sell because I can’t knit (yet).
    I can crochet… I wonder if it’s possible to convert to crochet…..

    glad you posted this!

    1. I’m sure these can be easily crocheted. After all, they are just “cozies” for your chair legs and cozies are simple – I make them for drink bottles and cans as well as coffee cups. Start with a magic circle, crochet six sc into the circle, tighten up the circle. 2nd round – 2 sc into each sc; 3rd rnd – 1 sc in the first stitch, 2 sc in the next stitch and repeat until you complete the round. I’m guessing that will be enough for the bottom of the cozy. Stop increasing and create the sides by making a sc in every stitch. Stop when the cover is tall enough and end by weaving in yarn ends. Repeat for the rest of the chair legs. Hope that makes sense!

      1. It does make sense, and thanks so much for sharing. We have an assortment of chairs at our dining table, all painted different colors. And the legs are all different sizes. I've ordered yarn for this project, but I know I'll have to make different sizes for each chair. I was going to knit them but I think I'll crochet them instead. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, this is brilliant!! I was just staring at the floor about an hour ago, internally lamenting the scratches developing on my freshly painted concrete floor. This chair pads at the hardware store are such a rip off! This looks very promising indeed. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I went to the link and have a few questions…has anyone tried this yet? “Icelandic unspun wool yarn- where do you purchase that? Are there alternatives available if I can’t find it? And I’m not sure what three times the yarn I use means in terms of quantities suggested…any insight would be much appreciated. I really want to make these as the store bought alternatives are destroying our wood floors. Thanks

    1. I haven't made these but I should be able to answer your questions.

      Unspun also means single ply.

      "The yarn is used triple in this project. That is you knit with three strands of the yarn." As it states… you hold three strands of the yarn together to knit as one… ie to make it a bulkier weight yarn. If you are using a bulky weight yarn already… you shouldn't have to do that.

      As the pattern suggests any bulky, felt-able wool will work. Might suggest Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky as a budget friendly felt-able wool option that you wouldn't have to hold 3 strands together.


      Good luck with it!

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