Felt Baby Ball

Felt Baby Ball

A mom in your daughter’s dance class is pregnant. Although you really don’t know her very well, you’d like to give her something small. THIS is the perfect gift. An evening’s project can produce a token gift that could well become baby’s favorite! And, think how cute this would be pinned to a ribbon, and placed on top of a gift, instead of a bow, at a baby shower. And while you’re at it, make a basket of them for your own family! This is your basic 6 sided, 4" ball, with enough embellishments to make it lovely, without adding any doodads that could come off in a baby’s mouth. If you would like to make them in an assortment of sizes, just enlarge or reduce the pattern. Easy as pie! The directions for the Felt Baby Ball can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy! 



  1. This is the most adorable baby ball I’ve ever seen. I can just imagine it in sticky baby hands! But I’m thinking of enlarging the pattern to beachball size, and making one in teals and yellows (my colors) and leaving it out to be tossed around at whim when friends are over. Thanks for a great site and a source of tons of inspiration for me. BTW, I have no children and I still find lots of great ideas here that I can adapt. Keep it up!

  2. Cute. If I had a blog, I’d share it.

  3. That is super cute! This will be my next small project – just found your blog, thanks for all the cute patterns!

  4. This is absolutely adorable! And this website is really awesome as well. There are so many cute things on here to make, but this is probably my favorite. The little baby toys are very cute, and you could even personalize them with the baby’s name. There is a woman having triplets at our church, that I don’t know very well and I’m going to make her some of these for the shower! Thanks again! Campanola Watches

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