Felt Flower Garland for Gnome or Dollhouse

Felt Flower Garland for Gnome or Dollhouse


Scraps of wool felt
Embroidery floss

Cutting out felt:
1] Make copy of pattern.
2] For each flower cut out 1 flower, 1 center and 2 leaves. (Note: the pattern has many flowers, centers and leaves. For a real quick cut out, tape individual flower pattern to felt. This keeps the pattern flat instead of pinning. Each pattern can be reused a couple of times, then just grab a new pattern piece, taping and cutting.) Also, remember that all flowers in nature are different so you needn’t be overly precise when you are cutting out the pieces.

Refer to the pattern for assembly:
1] Overlap one leaf over the other.


2] Center a flower over the leaves.



3] Center the center on the flower.



4] Using 6 strands of floss sew the pieces together my making an “X” on the flower center. Be certain that you are going through all 4 layers of felt. (Center, flower and 2 leaves) Make as many flowers as you’d like.



5] To assemble the garland, overlap the leaf of one flower over the leaf of another flower. Using 2 stands of floss, tack the 2 leaves together. Continue adding flowers until you reached the desired length.




Now, go decorate the house of your favorite wee folk!


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