Felt Flower Garland…or, hmmm…a Necklace!

Felt Flower Garland…or, hmmm…a Necklace!

Although I made this very easy garland for the gnome house, Fairy picked it up, wrapped in around her neck and said, “Oh, Gammy, this is a beautiful necklace.” Hmmm, yes, that was my plan… garland for the gnomes, necklace or bracelet for Fairy! Okay, that wasn’t my plan, but I love it when designs can be used for more than one thing! If you decide to make it into a necklace, I would suggest making it a choker since the back isn’t finished. To make the choker simply size the garland, then add a clasp on the back.

The pattern and instructions are included in the FREE Open Patterns section. If you’d like to do this project with younger children, you can glue it together with a fast drying crafters’ glue. We ran the garland along the bridge, but it could be scalloped around a gnome or dollhouse. Enlarge the pattern to decorate a valance or to make a stencil. Enjoy!



  1. Can you tell me where you got your gnome house? It is incredible. I have’nt seen one just like it. I’ve seen ones I liked at Magic Cabin but I don’t think they carry them anymore, or at least I can’t find them. Hoping you have another source for me. Thanks.

  2. When St. Nicholas brought our gnome house this season, I didn’t think about “decorating” it. Especially not seasonally. Thanks for tons of ideas. Since we discovered your blog last week my girls and I have been very busy. They made their own sleeping bags and used some dried heather on the branches. It’s coming along nicely. Love your blog. What a incredible treasure of natural child appropriate toys. Although my girls aren’t old enough to do the crafts, it gives them ideas and I will be busy making things for them too. The house blocks are a project for my husband next week. Thank you so much.

    1. We’re glad you found us and glad you find the projects useful for your family. Obviously, Michelle and I are all about natural, imaginative and hand-made toys for children. It’s what we want for our own kiddos! Decorating your gnome house is much like decorating your own home… ya can’t do it all at once, but where would the fun be in that anyway? Glad you like the blocks. We’ve loved ours for 2 generations now. If that isn’t a testimony about their value, I don’t know what is! Definitely worth the effort. Let us know if you have any questions. Have fun!

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