Filling In

Filling In

So, I guess I have been handed over the reigns over here at Wee Folk Art with mom’s instructions of “feed the fish, don’t kill the plants.” Sounds pretty easy… but what to post about? I do have a couple things I’ve been working on… some summer dresses for the girls, a couple dinosaur quilt blocks for the boy, some really cool special fabric that should be arriving any day now and I dug through my old files.

The first pattern I am going to share is an oldie for us… a super snuggly ring sling. In another life, my mother and I made and sold slings and diaper bags at farmer’s markets. I have to sort through the old photos and rewrite the directions but look for the completed pattern early next week.





Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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  1. LOL. I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. I am really looking forward to the baby sling. My daughter is pregnant with her first. I have a grandson and my daughter-in-law used a sling all the time. I was going to buy one. I never even thought about making one. I’ll give it a try. Love your website. Good luck Michelle and have a wonderful break Kimara.

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