Flower Fairies

Britta awoke to the smell of hyacinths and daffodils. That could only mean one thing. Spring had finally come to The Thicket and the Flower Fairies had returned!

Whether you have a gnome house or just a little nook and cranny that Flower Fairies would like to inhabit, these little sweeties are a welcome addition to any home. The mother flower fairy, along with her little bud, will bring a smile to the faces of the wee ones in your life. 

The directions and patterns are available in our FREE Open Patterns. Start by making the flower fairies with the patterns provide, then get crazy and with little tweeking and alterations, the flower fairies can become as unique as the flowers in your own garden. Because this is such a quick, easy project, it won’t be long til you have a bouquet of Flower Fairy Friends. Enjoy!  



  1. I must make one of these soon to live with my gnome!! I have a little plan for a village, not come to fruition yet but I will. I love your ideas so much.

  2. I made two pairs of fairies for my son’s Easter basket. I needed to make adjustments to the body wrap and bud cap to get them to fit. We are doing a non-china made plastic free Easter basket. He is also getting some Fairy Meadow flowers seeds from Botanical Interests so his fairies will have a place to play this summer, a wee folk art walking bunny puppet and some things from Esty.

    Thank you for sharing your patterns!

    1. Obviously, we love to hear when people go handmade! It is our desire to help everyone bring safe and imaginative toys to their children. About the adjustments… whenever I make patterns for the wooden pegs, often referred to as people turnings, I always remind people to make paper patterns first. The pegs vary greatly in size. Thanks for sharing that with other readers! 😀 Michelle and I have lots of handmade things to use as tuck ins for the grandbabies’ Easter baskets. Fortunately, most of these Easter projects are quick, so you still have time even if you haven’t started yet! 

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