Flower Fairy Carpet

For a very fast, spring time carpet, stitch together a fun silk flower carpet. Use it in a gnome house or as a flower garden for the doll house, wee ones will love playing in it.

Neutral felt for backing
Silk flower petals
Small pieces of felt for flower centers
Embroidery floss

1] Buy silk flowers and take apart. Each flower will need a large petal, a medium petal and a small felt circle cut for the flower center.

2] Cut a piece of felt the size you would like your carpet. Unless you are trying to create a formal flower bed, cut your felt in a random manner, imitating nature’s “randomness”.

3] Starting in the center of the carpet, place the large petal, then the medium petal, then the small felt center on top of each other.

4] Using 3 strands of floss, tack the flower to the carpet, stitching through all 4 layers, and making an “x” in the flower center.

5] On the back, tie off the flower.

6] Continuing from this point, keep adding flowers until the carpet is completely covered. Overlap the outer petals slightly, and use medium petals with the small felt center to fill in “bald spots”. 




  1. Beautiful. I recall I saw a korean piece of art made of silk flowers like a carpet. They hang it on a wall I think. It is 100% handmade, beautiful but very hard to do. Seriously, I would buy something like this to decorate our new house, but can’t find anything that is worth the money. I mean, there is a plenty of stores selling silk flowers arrangements but not of this level of complexity and far from being that impressive.

  2. This is a wonderful way to use up lots of left over flowers from other projects. But do they actually go on human floors or fairy and gnome floors?

    1. They can only be used on fairy and gnome floors. The silk petals are delicate, and I would imagine that after they were walked on by humans a few times, they would start ripping. Best leave this project for teeny tiny magical feet to walk across 🙂 (However, it would certainly make a fun looking people rug, wouldn’t it?)

  3. Hi,
    I can see this be used as a delicate covering on a table with a urn or on a casket. It is very lovely. My great aunt made her silk burial gown. Anyone who is planning for a funeral this would be good therapy as a club or group project. It is good for a patient in bed or having to stay off their feet or broken hip for a while.
    My sister went to a funeral of an old lady who loved gardening. Her casket covering was like a tiny garden with tiny garden tools placed on it.
    I love your ideas. The delicate work is a keepsake, for sure.

  4. Thanks for that excellent article on how to make a good flower fairy carpet. I am not sure about if someone will really want to step on it though. I will present it to my youngest daughter for her birthday. microsoft fix center

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