Postcard :: Icicles


  1. Lovely photo! I miss winter when I’m in Arizona. Trouble is I don’t miss it when I’m in the Minnesota’s long winters!

    P.S. Why do I need to leave an email when I simply want to comment. I’m a bit gun shine of sharing it, so I just made up something. I think that might stop more people from commenting???

    Also, I couldn’t use my own name???

    1. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, although it is fairly standard, but you have to leave an email address is to help  limit spam. In the past we have been overrun by spam bots leaving 1000s of weird ads in the comments of our blog. Although we can still get spam now, at least it has to be human entered…. so not 30 comments or more in a minute's time.

      If you are gun shy about your email address you can always have an "online only" email address. It is very easy to get a free email account at google, yahoo, etc. You can use that for all your online correspondence… or do what you did and just make up one. We don't do anything with the email address. Although from time to time we have used them to contact a reader directly when they have asked a question.

      As for not being able to use your name… I'm not positive, but it is probably because someone else has already posted with your name.

      Thanks for taking the time to post. We love to hear from our readers! I'm glad you enjoyed the photo. Although I'm a little tired of the bitter cold spell we've been having, I must say after two winters with little to no snow, I'm enjoying the winter wonderland we have right now.

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