French Seam Tutorial

French Seam Tutorial

A French Seam, sometimes referred to as an Encased Seam, is a wonderful seam to use when you want to concel the raw edges of a seam. This is great for materials that tend to fray, or if a finished edge may be viewed. (Or if you’re like me and just like the inside of your projects to look pretty.)

1] With wrong sides together, pin two pieces of fabric together. (NOTE: Normally when sewing, we pin right sides together so the unfinished seam is on the inside. When making your French Seam the unfinished seam will be on the outside.)

2] Sew the two pieces together using a 1/4” seam allowance.

3] Using pinking shears cut the seam allowance so it is 1/8″. (Pinking shears are not necessary but they are one extra safeguard against fraying.)

4] Fold the fabric along the seam so the right sides are together. The raw edges of the seam will be hidden. Iron the fold.

5] Pin the fabric together and sew a seam 3/8″ from the fold.

6] Iron the seam to toward either side your prefer. 

7] On the outside the seam will look like any normal seam, but in the inside it will be fully encased and no raw edges will be exposed!

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