Gnome Valentine Banner and Applique Block

What a busy time in the Thicket. Britta is bustling around readying the house for a Valentines Party she is throwing for some friends. She just finished this lovely banner with flowering vines meandering over a Valentine’s heart. Although cold weather is still evident throughout the Thicket, hearts are warm with Valentine Cheer. There is no doubt that love is in the air!  

Here is a lovely Valentine Banner displayed prominently in the gnome’s home. Make your own banner to share with your gnome friends or for a doll house. Haven’t got either? Not to worry. The applique and embroidery can be used on any project that needs a little Loving Embellishment. The directions for the Gnome Valentine Banner can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Hope you and your gnomes Enjoy!



  1. and I have to go to work today or this would so be done by this evening. Maybe I can work on this tomorrow.

    1. Love it. I’ll be linking on Facebook. Thanks for sharing. BTW… congrats on the new computer. Not sure what I’d do without mine… probably clean house more 🙂

  2. My daughters just got a small and not nearly as nice gnome house for Christmas but we have been busy crafting for it. Thank you since most of the things we are making are taken directly from you sight. I love this banner. It’s tradional and contemporary at the same time. I bet your gnomes love it to pieces. We will be making one this afternoon.

  3. This is so pretty. I am going to applique/embroider the heart and vines on an apron front I’m making for my son’s teacher. Thank you for your constant inspiration. I love your site.

  4. Beautiful! Our tree fort doesn’t have a branch for a banner though. Did you purchase your tree fort or is it handmade?

    1. Tim and I made it. We are hoping to run a several week tutorial on how to make your own in the Spring/Summer. In the meantime, think of the banners you can buy for your own house. You could probably get a small branch or even a dowel rod, and attach it to your tree fort for hanging banners.

      1. You guys are so talented! I have dh working on cutting our Christmas tree(yes it is still in the backyard) into some pieces for the felt trees and a couple of tables for the gnomes. I found a place on our fort that will hold a branch so finding one that will fit is on his to do list as well. 😉 Can’t wait for the tutorial….I love to work with wood and as my youngest gets older I can see windows of time opening up for me to be able to some woodworking soon.

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