Gnome House Crocheted Rag Rug

Gnome House Crocheted Rag Rug

We are still very busy crafting Valentines Day decorations for the gnome house. Thought a festive rug or two would be a nice touch. Whenever I make my Rip and Tear Napkins, I always have a long, narrow strip of fabric left. One of the great ways to make use of this fabric, is to rip it into 1/2" strips and crochet with it like you would yarn. (Hint: Prewashing the material removes the sizing and makes it easier to work with.)   

To join the strips into one continuous piece, simply overlap the ends and sew together. You do not need to be neat. You’ll never see it once you start crocheting.

This is so easy. To make a rug 5 1/2" x 5 1/2":

Using a crochet hook size US I, loosely chain 14.

Rows: Turn and chain 2. Double crochet into 3rd stitch and ever remaining stitch.

Repeat until 5 1/2".

Dah Tah… you are done. When crocheting, it doesn’t matter whether the right or wrong side of the fabric is showing… the variation will just add to the interest of the finished rug. Obviously, this can be enlarged to make pot holders and even floor rugs. That’s one of the projects I would like to tackle soon.
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  1. I made your Valentine banner yesterday. My stitching is a bit messy, but the girls think it is beautiful so I’m okay with it. I am a very beginner crocheter but I think I can make this rug. The girls were literally jumping up and down and clapping their hands when they saw this post this morning. I have to ask. Did you make or buy the plates and vase. OMG they are so cute. Thank you so much for all your inspiration. Really and truly!

  2. You have the luckiest gnomes in the world! I want to live in your gnome house, seriously! The rug is adorable and I love the dishes, cups and vase. What did you make them out of? You did make them, right? I believe you chopped down your own trees to make the gnome house, so plates should be no problem hehe.

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