Gnomie Love Wallpaper


  1. Thank you for some gnomie love. It’s on my desktop as we speak. Luv it!

  2. I am new to following your blog. Thank you for all the wonderful craft ideas. Your gnome house is wonderful. Is it something you made?

    1. Thank you, Anessa, and yes, Tim and I made it a couple of years ago. This spring/summer we plan to put together a tutorial on how to make your own!

      1. I have been following your site for some time now, and I can’t wait for a tutorial on the Gnome House. I have sent for some “turnings” so that I can start on the gnomes, and my husband cut some rounds from a small tree that he cut down, so I am getting my things ready. Hurry soon, please, with some place to begin = patience is not a gnome trait, is it?

        1. LOL… patience is hardly a gnome trait or mine but I need Tim to help me with this project so I have to work around his schedule. He is finishing remodeling our kitchen. Hoping for Spring. When it is done, we’ll work on the tutorial. In the mean time, we have lots of projects for you to do, so when you do make your gnome house, they’ll be ready to move in 🙂

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