Grasshopper Applique Block

Grasshopper Applique Block

grasshopper applique pattern

There are two things you should know right now. No… this is NOT a Christmas grasshopper. It’s not like grasshoppers are jumping around all over the place here in the Midwest at this time of year. As a matter of fact, normally, we’d be buried under a blanket of snow and grasshoppers would be hidden away… wherever grasshoppers go when it snows. And second, left to my own devices, I would NEVER have designed a grasshopper. Not a fan. In my opinion, they are sneaky, ninja insects, that attack you when you’re least expecting it. Then they have those claw like feet that hang on when you try to flick them off. And if they get annoyed… they spit tobacco on you… or at least that’s what we called it when we were kids.

No… this grasshopper is a testament to our devotion to our readers. Someone needed a grasshopper to finish a project, so I could hardly say no. So, here, is our Grasshopper Applique Block. As always… made to fit a 6″ x 6″ block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. The Grasshopper Applique Block can be found HERE or with our FREE Appliques. Enjoy… if you can possibly take pleasure in GRASSHOPPERS!

BTW… if you are a grasshopper fan, sorry if you found my sentiments disturbing. Looking at this applique, all I can say is… Ick! ;-p



  1. You made me laugh, I love grasshoppers, but I am a spider phobic.
    The applique is perfect, you are so sweet to go through the trouble for me. I was looking at pictures of them and trying to figure out how to do the skinny legs, you did a wonderful job.

    This will be perfect for the flower stem on my piece.


    1. I am so not a fan of grasshoppers or any other bug-like vermin, but this is cool!

  2. I happen to love grasshoppers:) As a child I loved running through the prairie grass and causing all of them to scatter. We use to catch them and have jumping contests. Personally I’m not fond of the hairless caterpillars. YUCK!

  3. I must admit Grasshoppers aren’t my favorites either, but I do find them fascinating creatures!

    Love the block too! 🙂

  4. I think your grasshopper would be great friends with the firefly from an earlier post!
    I can picture an insect themed quilt maybe?

  5. I am SUPER icked out by Grasshoppers. We dissected HUGE ones in zoology and they were filled with…worms! Ugh. But, I didn’t even think of that when I saw this. I jsut thought, “WOW, that is really unique, I love it.” The comments made me remember that college class. =)

  6. Love this little guy! My son 4yrs just started catching these icky things this summer. So this is a great applique. I found some grasshopper fabric that I am going to make pajama bottoms out off so this is wonderful for his pj shirt. Thanks so much he is going to love it 🙂

    1. The applique/embroidery are a bit fussy, but well worth the time. We'd love to photos of the pjs when you are done.

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