Fondant Gnomes

Fondant Gnomes

When Bug was a wee lad, he refused to eat ANYTHING with a face. And I’m not talking about just “mooers” and “cluckers”… if a food item was designed with a face, he couldn’t bring himself to chomp it. I remember the trauma of being served …a side helping of tater tots shaped like smiley faces with his grilled cheese at a restaurant. Niagara Falls! You had to respect his sensibilities!

Well, we aren’t vegetarians, and eventually Bug moved on, but whenever I see edible food that resembles a living thing, I am reminded of a young Bug! BTW… he is still very sensitive and compassionate! Wonderful qualities, indeed!

Having said all that, when I saw these fondant gnomes this morning, I could feel the insulin in my body start to bubble, and I’m desperately trying to decide how I can work them into an up and coming celebration! They are so stinkin’ cute! I can just see them on top of a cake or cupcakes… maybe with some marzipan mushrooms? My mind is spinning!

Unfortunately, I was not able to come up with a satisfactory link to these cuties. The watermark on the photo brings you to Sugar High, Inc., and the site is a business for fondant cake toppers, but I could not find these sweet little guys here, so I don’t know if she made them or found them on another site. If you know anything more about these, please share : )

As for making these yourself, just follow our tutorial for making Paper Clay Gnomes (obviously, substituting fondant for clay, hehe) and add details.

And, unless you have a wee one with an aversion to faces, I think these would be a big hit!


Photo… origin is uncertain!

Reprinted on Facebook 10-14-13



  1. wonderful…..I am going to make some of these little guys out of FIMO and put them around my garden! Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Very cute, am looking after my Grandkids for holidays and they want to make some out of Fimo & I have just the place to display them for X’mas. Thanks for the great idea.

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