Hip Mountain Mama Giveaway

Hip Mountain Mama Giveaway

Edit: This Giveaway is now closed. Winners were announced on Sunday, April 18.

As promised, Michelle and I are pleased to present Hip Mountain Mama’s Giveaway. Although Suzy carries a wide array of products, she thought that 2 readers of Wee Folk Art would really appreciate the opportunity to win a set of Stockmar Modelling Beeswax – 12 assorted colors.
 If you or your children have never had the experience of working with modeling beeswax, you are in for a treat. The colors are vibrant and it feels wonderfully smooth while you are working with it. It allows you to add a lot of detail to your crafting.

I’m sure you are dying to win a set for yourself. So, what do you need to do? First, visit Hip Mountain Mama. Take a few minutes to look at all the incredible things she has to offer. Pick a product that you think is totally cool. (I personally am eyeing her 3-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin Set for all the nice weather outings we have planned.) Then come back here, leave a comment telling us what you found most interesting. It is that simple. 

Want additional chances to win? Of course you do. Simple blog about the contest OR Facebook OR Twitter about it and earn an additional entry for each. POST SEPERATE COMMENTS FOR EACH ENTRY telling us where you spread the word. The contest runs from Wednesday, April 14 through Sunday, April 18, at 9:00 pm, est. Two winners will be drawn at random, their names will be announced on the blog, and the winners will be emailed. As soon as you reply with a mailing address, Hip Mountain Mama will have your prize in the mail.

Please Note: Winners must contact us within a week of the drawing with a mailing address or a new winner will be selected.

As a little extra bonus, Suzy has graciously offered WFA readers a 10% coupon on all orders over $50.00 for the month of April. Just type “wee” in the coupon code.  

So, get out there and do some snooping at Hip Mountain Mama. Then head back and leave a comment. After that, just sit back, cross your fingers and hope 🙂 Michelle and I would like to thank Suzy and her family for hosting this generous contest. Hope everyone has fun and gets to see how cool Hip Mountain Mama’s site is! 



  1. I love almost everything on her site – it’s so hard to pick one thing. But I could really use those black yoga pants! They look so comfortable.

  2. I’m loving the huge assortment of natural art supplies – I seriously had no idea that there were even that many things on the market. They even have a kids assortment. I’m going to have to go back and look some more, my son’s birthday is coming up.

  3. I love love love the eco friendly avacado skirt. The color is amazing and the length is just right when you have to chase around kiddos!

  4. I love the cute fruit and vegetable toys – look so fun!
    Thanks for the contest!

  5. What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been aching to get some of this clay for my sweet boy. I also LOVE the birch pencil holder!!

  6. Wow! I love those blowing dandelion dinner napkins-LOVE! But also, I’m actually loving the stockmar modeling wax as I think my 4 1/2 year old just might be ready for them. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I love all the organic products! I especially love the Sarah’s Silks Silk Parachutes. I think my little girl would love playing with these!

  8. I love the little step stool for my three year old.
    And I would love (and just might get) the avacado skirt for myself.
    Thanks- Rebekah

  9. I just shared on FB. Thanks again!

  10. My favorite thing for me is the namaste laguna in peacock, I’ve been wanting one for a while now 🙂

    My favorite thing for the kids is the table with a drawer and matching chairs 🙂

  11. lovely site! My favorite are the wooden toadstools. How adorable!

  12. I just became a “Fan” on Facebook, and posted a link on my wall, for all my friends to view!

  13. I adore the Namaste Monroe in Lime … I already have the Zuma and Laguna and just keep oogling the Monroe!

  14. Thank you for the giveaway! I posted on my Facebook page!

  15. I’ve been eyeing that modeling beeswax for ages now! What a great giveaway!

  16. I’m rather fond of the block crayons, myself! So many neat products there.

  17. What a wonderful site! Of course, for me, anything to celebrate birth is an instant favorite of mine! The Family Glass ~ The Mother Child pendant is beautiful!

  18. I have yet to try the beeswax with my girls, but it is something I’ve been eyeing for awhile. I love that it is supposed to be warm for little hands, as opposed to playdough or clay which will cool little hands.

    Looking around at Hip Mountain Mama, I have to say that I love the mini streamer from Sarah’s silks. I had seen the regular size streamer before, but it is too long (I think) for my toddlers. 3 feet long is perfect, though! So glad to have found that!

    Thanks for the contest! I’ll tweet about it in just a little bit!

  19. Definitely the Debresk Big Fire Engine.

  20. My daughter is just about to deliver and has been wanting a baby ring sling carrier. the one they have looks awesome. everything does actually. i would love the prize for my grandkids.

  21. I really Liked the Namaste Zuma bag in turquoise and also the New Native all Organic Cotton Diaper Bag! They are both really nice.

  22. I added these to my son’s wishlist for him/ He loves Model Magic, but wants to add more detail – this is perfect. I also love the Lyra Wax-O-Glas Window Crayons and Babylegs, of course. Who doesn’t love those?

  23. My fave is the Sara’s Silks Unicorn Costume!

  24. I love the hand crafted Wood Table and Chair Set!

  25. Spreading the word on twitter!

  26. Thanks for the chance to win beeswax modeling clay. It is a family favorite and you can never have enough. I have never been to Hip Mountain Mama before. I didn’t see anything that I wouldn’t love to own. But feeling self indulgent this morning, I would love any of the Namaste handbags, plus a few of the green zip up bags to tuck in them. Love your site, Kimara. It’s a mainstay around here!

  27. Love the rock salt candle holders!

  28. I just love folk art! it is just so personal and emotional! This sounds like an awesome contest! I’ve got this posted on facebook so that others can know about it.

  29. I love the natural wood pencil holder — brilliant and beautiful (and so much better than the jumble of pencils we have in a drawer).

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. I love the silk baby blanket! I’m pregnant with my 5th, and it’d be lovely to have something so luxurious for this baby.

  31. I love the Branch lacing set. So cute!

  32. I like the wooden furniture, especially the childs rocking chair. We love Made in the USA!!

  33. So many neat and interesting items but the Nursing Earth was the item that has stuck with me.

  34. Maggies Organic Inspiring Cotton Scarves. I know its the wrong time of the year for scarves for most people but I am one of those lucky people who are allergic to the sun. I have to keep covered if i am going to be out more than 5 minutes. One of my most sensitive areas is the back of my neck and my chest area. These scarves are cotton so would be cooler to wear in the summer not to mention they are just beautiful. My favorite would be the rose colored scarf.

  35. What a great website! And I’m now a follower of Hip Mountain Mama… love everything, but really love the bamboo utensils and the stainless 3 Tier Tiffin!
    Thanks for yet another great giveaway opportunity!

  36. I am 7 months pregnant with my first and all of this is so new and exciting for me. I want a natural environment for my family so I’m educating myself. I have been following your website for a while, and now that I’m off work I have time to start crafting. YAY. If I could I would buy all of the baby and child products at Hip Mountain Mama. Right now I would get a baby carrier. I haven’t gotten one yet. So much to learn!

  37. The Flower Cut Felted Slippers are soooo cute. I’d get those. Thanks for a chance to win.

  38. Frankly, If I could pick anything right now, it would probably be the modeling beeswax 🙂 Now, I just need to win.

  39. I love the rock salt lamp and the hemp hoody that’s on sale right now. I would love to win the modelling beeswax. I know my kids would enjoy it. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. Renee

  40. I was going to say that I love the block crayons because we had 2 tins of them and all but one crayon got lost when we moved last year, but when I saw Assortment Seasonal Festivals by Marjan van Zeyl my heart sang! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  41. Love this giveaway. Lovely sites. Thanks.

  42. I would love to own a Namasta bag. Any of them. Thanks for a chance to win the modelling beeswas. Sounds like fun.

  43. I would love the Under the Nile Garden set for my children AND the awesome beeswax clay.

  44. Just tweeted about the giveaway.

  45. Just Facebooked, too! Thanks for all these chances to win!

  46. I would love some stainless steel water bottles for the family. I love Hip Mountain Mamas. We would also love the modeling beeswax. Thanks

  47. I just found out I am pregnant and I want to cloth diaper. I would love to get the Happy Heiny’s Diaper Starter Kit. As for the modeling beeswax, if I win, it’s for me, me, me! Figured it would be a great stress reliever! Love your site, Kimara, and thanks for the giveaway Hip Mountain Mama.

  48. Just put the contest up on Facebook.

  49. My family would love to win this giveaway! We spend almost all of our free time crafting. We would love any of the colored pencils from Hip Mountain Mama. Thankyou both for the chance to win.

  50. Hip Mountain Mama is a great site. Thanks for this contest because I have never been there before but I’ll start going now! Although I love many things at her site, I think I would pick the yoga mats.

  51. I love the wooden toadstools. I know the my 3 year old would love them in her gnome collect.

  52. I like the green zip up bags. I would love to have several of them to keep in bag to have on hand when I need one.

  53. Wow, What a hard choice! I think I’d have to go with the 3 Tier To-Go Ware too. But the beeswax clay has me SO curious. My 110 year old sculptor is hoping to get her hands on it! 🙂 maybe she’d even share with her little bothers (oh I mean little brothers).

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