Basic Knit Doll Family

Basic Knit Doll Family

Few things bring more joy to a child than snuggling with their special doll. We have created a basic doll pattern in 6 sizes: 12″, 10″, 8″, 5″, 4″, and 3″, enough to create a whole family or village. THIS IS OUR BASIC KNIT DOLL PATTERN. Over time we will be using this basic pattern to make many different dolls. When we do, we will refer you back to this pattern, and share alterations, embellishments, and perhaps a story or two 🙂 

Instructions for the Basic Knit Doll Pattern can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!

Special Note: As I posted yesterday, we just lost our dog, Scully. I’ve been working on these patterns with a heavy heart and often a clouded brain. PLEASE let me know if you find ANYTHING that is wrong or doesn’t make sense. Thanks. 




    I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for EONS!
    Can’t wait to get started.
    Also, can’t wait to see what ideas you have for them also!

    1. You’re very welcome. I also wanted a pattern like this that could easily be made in different sizes and when I didn’t find one, I put one together. I think it is going to be so nice for making families and lots of other groupings. I’ve got lots of ideas to share, but I’m also hoping to be inspired by readers like yourself. Make sure you share your finished project 🙂

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