Holiday Gnome Winner!

Holiday Gnome Winner!

Congratulations to Crafting Club member Catballou24 for winning our Holiday Gnomes, Holly and Noel. It will be hard saying goodbye to them, but we know they’ll be going to a wonderful home. Cat, just email us at with your address, and we’ll have the festive couple in the mail to you asap! BTW we’d love a pic of them in their new surroundings!

Thanks to everyone for entering. Michelle and I plan to have many give aways over the coming year so check back often!


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  1. Trust me, it makes Michelle and I sad too that we can’t send a pair off to everyone that entered the contest! We are entering a very busy time right now, seeings as how we are way behind on all the projects we need to personally finish for Christmas, but if I get a chance, I’ll write up the directions. If you can’t find the wood turnings locally, I use Casey’s Wood Products. They have everything and their prices are great. I use the men wood turnings for this size gnome.

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