How To’s and Stitch Glossary

How To’s and Stitch Glossary

Stitch Glossary: Here is a collection of detailed illustrations to help you with our most commonly used embroidery stitchces.

How Tos: Here is a collection of tutorials and tips that will help you with things like working with felt or reducing and enlarging patterns.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. How do you mark on felt so you can embroider a design?

    1. Thanks for asking this question. I'm sure many of our readers are wondering the same thing. You inspired me to include a post on Wee Folk Art's Facebook page. Here is my reply. I hope it helps!

      I had a reader that just asked me how to transfer markings to felt so you can embroider. Because felt is not a hard, smooth surface, some traditional transferring techniques don't work well. I found an article on Holiday Crafts and Creations that offers wonderful suggestions.

      If you are doing detailed stitching this are all good suggestions. If you don't have to be as exact, sometimes I "eyeball" the design onto the felt using a disappearing ink/water soluble marker or I rub a pencil over the back of the design, place in on the felt, and outline the design from the front. This does not work well on dark felt but you can use a white dressmakers pencil.

      Do know that you can't wash/agitate felt without the fabric felting/shrinking, so if you don't stitch right on your lines, they may forever be a part of your piece. I have also found that the disappearing inks won't necessarily disappear on felt. I have also found, if I'm using water soluble markers, meant for marking fabric, that I can go through and carefully dab any marker that is visible as long as you are very careful not to apply pressure.

      So, for all of you that have been wondering… hope this helps.


      1. Hi. I have just discovered air erasable markers. They are wonderful! Look up on ebay. I got mine for u00A33.56 including postage. Don’t mark out too much in one go though, as it can sometimes disappear as you work! I also use mine for making sock monkeys and embroidering onto silky material. My ‘must have’ sewing product!

  2. Several weeks ago I bookmarked three articles about how to make the blanket stitch. (I think it was a series.) Now when I try to access those links, your site says Access is Denied.
    Can you please help me with this, as your blanket stitch is the best I have ever seen and I want to use it with several crafts you have posted.
    Thanks, Taryn

    1. I was working on finishing the series, was consolidating the tutorials, and I did something and lost them all! Too depressing to think about! My husband said we might be able to recover the info, but he hasn't had time to tackle it yet. Hopefully, at some point we will get it all straighten out.

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