Kahlua and Butterscotch Liqueur… Ready for Delivery

Kahlua and Butterscotch Liqueur… Ready for Delivery

Last month I shared a recipe for Kahlua and Butterscotch Liqueur. It has aged for a whopping 30 days and is ready for drinking, I mean gift giving 🙂 Must admit we tried both. Can’t very likely give something away without a little quality testing. Findings… although the Kahlua recipes SAYS it’s ready to drink in 30 days, I learned from years of my dad making Kahlua… the longer it ages, the better it is. Although I would certainly drink a tumbler of the Kahlua on the rocks… even better if mixed with heavy cream… it will even be more yummy if it sits for a few months. So, I will try to show some restraint, and let our bottles age a bit more. On the other hand, the butterscotch liqueur is beyond yummy. And although I’m willing to bet it too will improve with age, I’m not sure it will stand a chance!


Of course, we couldn’t send these off into the world without proper labeling. We found some wonderful Arched Labels #22809 from Avery. They have software to download at their site so you can customize your labels. The next challenge was to come up with a name. Since our last name is “Wise”, we wanted to come up with a cute play on words. Tim thought back to the playground names he was called as a youth. Most were not “family friendly”, so we chose “Wise Acre”. Not a term you hear often today, but for you youngin’s, a wiseacre is “one who pretends to knowledge or cleverness”… it’s like calling someone a smart acleck.

So, we are now officially done with our holiday gifts. All of our kith and kin will be receiving our homemade liqueurs this year. Tim and I are hopeful that these libations not only warm the body, but the heart, too 🙂 Although there are only 4 gifts under our tree this year, the ones for the grandbabies, it is indeed a glorious holiday season! We are now ready to turn our focus to simply enjoying time with the family and making a million new memories 🙂




  1. Can I come over for a drink and a chat. It would be heavenly! I drink tea so the coffee liqueur doesn’t sound wonderful, but the butterscotch. Oh Yum! Wish I could talk my sibs into not exchanging gifts. It’s so hard to buy for my sister’s and their hubbies. It’s not that I don’;t want to get them gifts but it is more stressful than fun. Wish we could just get together and enjoy the day. Oh well. Maybe some day. In the meantime, what do you buy and/or make for an accountant with no apparent hobbies or interests? See what I mean?

  2. So nice 🙂 I love your special touches on the bottles. I am sure it is as yummy as they are beautiful. Looking forward to trying these recipes. Thank you for another great inspiration 🙂

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