Koala Bear Bookmark

Koala Bear Bookmark

A couple of weeks ago we featured our Mouse Bookmark. At that time we asked for other animal suggestions. Our first responder was Harley and she said her favorite animal was the koala. Well, we took that suggestion and made a Koala Bookmark. Although we often see pictures of koalas hanging onto tree trunks, we took a little creative license and had this little cutey hug a vine. Hmmm… wonder if there is a variety of eucalyptus vine… Anyway… the vine lends itself well to a bookmark. If you’d like to make one of these little guys for yourself, get your directions for the Koala Bookmark HERE or in our FREE Open Pattern Section. BTW… Although the book our koala is reading is NOT a book about Down Under, I thought A Year Down Yonder, was way too tempting to pass up! Enjoy!

NOTE: As hard as this may be to believe, I did not have any light gray wool felt so I used acrylic felt for this project. I haven’t worked with acrylic felt in a long time… and with good reason! To be very honest I’m not sure how this little guy will hold up to repeated usage. Definitely, if you have wool felt, use it for this project!



  1. He’s just awesome 🙂 I’m so glad you picked him! And I think he looks good holding on to the vine. Off to get the pattern. I can’t go having a blog called Koala fuzz and NOT make your koala bookmark! Thanks 😀

  2. This is so adorable. I am absolutely in awe of your creativity. I could never design something like this much less do it all the time like you do. Such talent. I have a friend that is nutsy over alligators. IF you get a chance sometime, I would love it if you came up with anything alligatorish 😉 Thanks.

  3. Could anything be cuter? Love this!

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