A Little Incentive

A Little Incentive

Over the past week we’ve gotten many new members at Wee Folk Art. First off, welcome! We hope everyone feels at home, finds something of interest and comes back often. We also hope you feel comfortable commenting and participating. For all you new folks, and for our “old timers”…okay, this is JUST our 2nd Crafting Club (Pattern of the Month) Contest…we wanted to remind everyone that if you make this month’s craft, and post a picture of the completed project on our Wee Folk Art Crafting pool, you will be eligible for a drawing to receive a kit for next month’s craft of the month. (INPORTANT NOTE: Your flickr username may be different than your Wee Folk Art (WFA) username. When leaving a comment on flickr make sure to include your WFA username so we know who you are!!!) Next month we will be sharing our rendition of the old spoon dolls. We are very excited about them for a couple of reasons. First, they can be used as a doll or as wonderful puppets. And, it is a project you can get your children involved with. As a matter of fact, children over 8 should be able to make these with minimal help.

So, if you need an incentive to finish up this month’s craft…you still have a couple of days…and the winner will be able to take her pick of a wizard or queen spoon doll/puppet kit. Check out the flickr pool to see this month’s entries and good luck! 


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