Britta’s Lament

As Britta packed away the last of the Valentine decorations, she gave a heavy sigh. Britta, who’s plump cheeks were usually dimpled from her perpetual smile, was frowning. This was Britta’s least favorite time of year. It would be a few weeks before the flower fairies began to return to the Thicket, but the Thicket would have visitors none the less. Visitors that the men folk and children anxiously waited for, but the women folk did not share their enthusiasm. Because over the next few weeks, the Thicket would be infested with leprechauns! It’s not that the leprechauns were mean… they were just mischievous. And most women folk liked to run an orderly household… and leprechauns, well, let’s just say leprechauns made that difficult. In the distance Britta could hear Axel whistling
The Wild Rover. Britta sighed again. It was going to be a long month. 



  1. hehe! Something tells me we are going to be seeing some rogue leprechauns on Wee Folk Art before long. Can’;t wait.

  2. My wife just called me over to the computer and said, “Read this”. I did. I’m not sure why she wanted me to read this. Sure, we too seem to have a leprechaun problem at this time of year. I wouldn’t exactly call it an infestation, more like a migritory event, but she claims that she seems to be the butt of his pranks. I guess she is sympathizing with Britta. (As I walk away from the computer I can be heard whistling, Oh Danny Boy.)

  3. Oh my goodness. I can only imagine the type of trouble an infestation of leprechauns can cause!

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