Little Lady’s Sweater and Hat

Little Lady’s Sweater and Hat

EDIT: Okay… this is probably going to tell you more about my personality than anything else I've ever done before… I couldn't live with the dark photos and I re-shot them! (If you didn't see the post earlier, here is the note I included. You can see one of the nasty photos down below:

NOTE: Yes… the photos are rather dark. Took the photos last night, went to crop them this morning, and let's just say, after my early morning rant, ALL the pups were ready to give up their morning naps and go outside! Decided not to re-shoot, so imagine everything a little brighter, a little cleaner 😉

So, yes, it was gnawing at me, and I HAD to re-shoot. I often get accused of being a perfectionist. I usually don't see it. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure this even qualifies since the other photos were soooooo bad. Anyway, I couldn't leave it alone, even with an apology. Now, you really can see what the sweater looks like, and I can go back to my day as planned 🙂 

Last night I finished the lovely sweater for Little Lady. It really was a very simple little thing. The free pattern is available HERE from Purl Bee. I love, love, love the roll up sleeves! 

I decided she needed a beret to go with it. I found a free pattern HERE. It is the sweetest little hat from Sarah Grieve, and it is called the Ava Beret. She used a stitch called the brioche stitch pattern, which is lovely, but for the main body I used a seed stitch since that was the stitch used in the sweater. I had to fudge a little, since the seed stitch required an odd number of stitches, so I did 1 less decrease. Also, Sarah sewed a button on the beret which is adorable. A girl needs a little bling, right? I'm thinking instead of a button, I may make a small fabric flower from the material I will be using to make her pants. Of course, I'll share a photo when I decide 🙂

I love it when I get to use the technique where you create a hem by knitting it in. When you are done, the hem is already finished, no handsewing and no loose ends to weave in. Neat and lovely!

Anyway… done and done! Today, if I get a chance, I'm going to start on her reversible pants from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. YAY! It's been too long since I sat at my sewing machine.

For those of you that didn't see the old photos… I saved the one below. I'm not crazy, right? It was worth re-doing the photos… at least it was for me 😉




  1. Ha! Boy do I understand having a rant that sends the dogs running. It usually occurs when I’m sitting at my sewing machine. I’ve been know to wake up sleeping babies, too. Despite the colors, the sweater and hat look great. I can’t wait to try them both. I love the neutral colors. I’m not sure what you mean by knitting in a hem but it looks nice. I’m sure it will say in the directions. Good luck with the pants!

  2. I have finished my sweater! Many errors, but done. I found that my sweater is quite short. I figured that I had made an error in reading the pattern. I am going to add 4-5 inches to it next time. I was thinking more tunic length but mine barely reaches the waistband. Thanks for sharing the pattern. It was really pretty easy and I enjoyed making it. Isn’t that what it is all about in the end anyway? LOL

    1. I should have gone on Ravelry and looked at other people's notes on it before I got started. There may have been comments about the length. Anyway… I will definitely make this sweater again… just make it longer. I'm sure that even with a few "points of interest" (let's not call them mistakes 😉 the sweater is still lovely and functional. And I couldn't agree more, it was a fun sweater to knit! Thanks for sharing.

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