New Cultural Connections Homeschool Unit Now Available

New Cultural Connections Homeschool Unit Now Available

Cultural Connections Announcement!

We are excited to announce that we have sent our first unit for the Cultural Connections program to print. Cultural Connections is the perfect next step after Simple Seasons. It has been designed for early elementary school children, grades 1-3. These guides have been created to help introduce young students to the cultures and people from around the world. It includes literature, geography, music, and an optional science add-on. We will focus on the elements of life that we all have in common such as family, food, festivals, art, music, and games.

We will start by creating a student passport. We will add entries into our passport as we explore new countries. We will spend 4 weeks in each country/region. We will taste the food, play traditional games, and make crafts that reflect the cultures that we study. For each activity in the guide, we have also shared a corresponding blog post. The blog format gives us the opportunity and room to include step-by-step photos and in some cases, additional suggestions and options. It is meant to enrich your family’s Cultural Connections experience.  

To complete the unit you will need to purchase one Teacher Guide. It includes all the journal pages, details about how to use Cultural Connections, the student passport project, and country research worksheet. You only need one Teacher Guide. We have chosen to offer it as a separate book to keep the length of each unit shorter. This will save you money in the long run since you will not have to pay for the same pages to be printed again and again.

We have also included an optional science activities schedule. All of the science activities use a Young Scientist Series Kit. The kit includes all of the information needed to complete the labs and most of the supplies. We added book recommendations to extend the units. This first unit includes the topics of recycling, scientific measurements, and magnets.

We have already begun planning the second unit for this series. We hope to have it available at the end of October/early November. Our goal is to have three complete units available throughout the year to cover a full school year.

Additionally, we have been working on the Homeschool Companion website. We are re-organizing all of our homeschool units and posts to make it easier for you to find the corresponding links, books, and supplies for each unit. We will slowly be moving all the homeschool related posts from to We believe it will be much easier to use our program with a dedicated website.

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