Postcards from Vermont

Postcards from Vermont

We just got back from our annual trip to Vermont. Just thought I would share a few of our ‘Moments in Time’ with everyone. We had a wonderful time and the kids are already plotting our adventures for next year. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer as well.

I must admit we ate a lot of ice cream (truly a lot of ice cream). It is impossible not to when the Ben and Jerry’s factory is just down the road. We tried lots of different flavors… some old time favs like Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and Phish Food and added a few new must haves to our list including Americone Dreams and Peanut Brittle. YUM! I think Peanut Brittle might be my current fav. Out of curiosity what’s your favorite B&J?

BTW – You might be asking yourself… do those cows look familiar? Ben and Jerry’s factory was indeed the inspiration for Gammy’s playroom.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. What a cute pic of your little girl and the llama. Could it be love? As far as Ben and Jerry’s go? I’m old school. Chunky Monkey, hands down, although I’ve yet to wrap my spoon around a flavor I didn’t like! I forgot about Kimara’s play room. I want your mom for my own, hehe! Glad you had a nice vacation.

    1. Yes… I do believe PIxie would have brought Harry home with her if she could. He was such a sweetie. Since we couldn’t bring him home… we did buy a bit of his roving. So soft.

  2. Where are those beautiful falls?? (Heading to Vermont for two weeks on Friday with my family!) i love Vermont, and I love ben & jerries…so many flavors are fantastic, but I’m partial to strawberry cheesecake! And their new caramel flavors are great, too.

    1. It is the Moss Glen Falls just outside Stowe. It was a very easy hike. We went there while the kids were in camp but even our youngest could have make it to the falls. Very pretty.

  3. What a beautiful setting. Must have been a lovely holiday. When I was in the states I had Ben and Jerrys. Yum. What do you plan to do with Harry’s roving?

    1. I’ve taken up hand spinning recently with a drop spindle (a full spinning wheel is on my someday wishlist). I bought just enough (a couple oz) to play with spinning the alpaca roving.

  4. I’ve been a reader for a long time. Your babies are getting so big! We are going to Vermont at the end of the summer. My inlaws have a cabin in Stowe. We’ve only been in winter so I’m looking forward to exploring in the summer. Ben and Jerry’s factory will definitely be a destination! Thanks for a great blog. Looking forward to following your Harvest unit, Michelle.

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