Oil Pastel :: Zentangle Cows

Oil Pastel :: Zentangle Cows

Wisconsin is known for being America’s Dairyland and we chose to highlight the cows this week. The kids had fun creating these silly cows and I love how each picture took on its own personality.

Note: Although I am using black marker to draw the cow, I started with a pencil, drawing very lightly. Then, I go back with marker. I am demonstrating with marker because it is easier to see, but begin by drawing with a pencil, then go back and trace with a marker.

Drew a large oval in the middle of your page. It can be slightly higher.

Starting from the oval, draw the head in a bit of a light bulb fashion.

On either side of the head, beginning in the narrow part of the “light bulb”, draw arks for the shoulders.

Add the ears.

Now some horns.

Oval eyes with inner circles.

Draw a couple of angled nostrils in the oval.

Spot the face and body as you wish.

Trace your pencil marks with black marker, then erase the pencil lines.

Add patterns in your “spots” and horns.

We use One Zentangle A Day for pattern inspiration.

Adding Zentangle details.

Use Oil Pastels to color the background and accents on the cows.

And there you have it! An oil pastel/zentangle cow. Moooooo!


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