Old Seed Project

Old Seed Project


After commenting on the previous post… I decided to pull up some project notes of a seed project Bug did a couple years ago… prior to my blogging. I can’t believe that this was TWO YEARS AGO (he was four at the time). Wow… has time flown. If nothing else, it should make up a bit for my non-creative blogging as of late.

We sprouted three different seeds on a wet paper towel in a plastic baggie. We hung it on the fridge and made sure the paper towel stayed damp. Bug kept a journal of which day roots and stem were visible.

He also measured the sprouts to see which one “won” (in his mind… the bigger the better). We used 1″ blocks as his standard of measurement.

This was a really fun project… great for preschoolers. They get to see the magic of the seed unfold right before their eyes… unlike when it is stuck in the dirt. I think it is time I redid it with my girls.


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