Moving Outside

Moving Outside

Being an obsessive person, I have a tendency to have a one track mind. And at this time of year, it is near impossible to keep me indoors. My gardens call to me, and it would be down right rude, not to answer. So, this means I tend not to craft as much during the nice weather months, and when I do, my crafts are usually used out-of-doors. Take this weekend for example. Tim and I have been knee deep in our gardens. Last week I saw some perfectly sweet plant markers at Purple Lemon Design and I knew I had to make some. (Thanks, Rachel, at One Pretty Thing for pointing me in that direction!) She has a great tutorial on how to make them, so I bow to her, and send you off to her website if you’re interested! Below are a few of the markers I’ve made so far.

I’m big on naming things. (Check out What’s in a Name and Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at my blog One Generation to Another.) We’ve been calling our veggie garden The Dragonfly Garden, in honor of the dragonflies that like to frolic in it and as a semi-tribute to an all time favorite “The Gilmore Girls”. Over the weekend I finally got around to painting a sign to hang at the north entrance to the garden. I used the same outdoor paints I used on the pots. I love it! (See top pic.)

And, because why the heck not, I’m starting yet another blog… Wee Folk Garden. It was created at 1:00 a.m. this morning, and although Michelle hasn’t gotten a chance to design it yet and I haven’t gotten a chance to blog in it yet, I will be using that site to include many of our outside activities, including garden recipes, and a bit of the ,”oh, look at this” as I wander the web finding tidbits that I find helpful. (Hmmm, note to self… perhaps I should sleep more and drink less coffee!)

Anyway… I will continue to blog and craft for Wee Folk Art, but I will be spending the lion share of my time in the gardens. (It will take lots of effort of get this looking like a real garden!) 

So, stop by often. Coming soon are the directions for the flower tea cozy and my stepdaughter and I are crafting our own “Ugly Dolls”, and we’ll be sharing those patterns. Plus, there will be some wood projects for the gnome house and whatever else suits my whim! So, if you’re into gardening, you may enjoy watching Wee Folk Garden develop and come into it’s own, if not, I’ll continue to see you around Wee Folk Art!



  1. I’m not a gardener. I don’t like sweating and getting dirtt 🙂 but I love eating organic veggies and I especially love looking at cute gardens. I can’t wait to see yours sprout. I have to believe it will be beautiful. I do know if I did garden I’d want all sorts of fun things like the plant markers. And your sign is incredible! So your secret is coffee?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, I love her projects!
    I could spend all day in my garden if I let myself. Right now I have a daily 20 minutes blocked out but I can’t wait to extend that when I have some more time.

  3. Oh, your markers turned out so great! That is exactly what I wanted the offerings on my blog to be…An inspiration to create your own crafty goodness. Your plant markers are PRECIOUS! Great job. Thanks for the linkage!

  4. Looking forward to following your garden blog!I love those garden pegs!

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