Wet Felted Colorful Wool Easter Eggs

Wet Felted Colorful Wool Easter Eggs


These soft and colorful wet felted eggs make a lovely addition to any spring nature table or Easter display. They look enchanting in Pixie’s fairy home and her spring fairy, Ivy, is delighted with the addition.


These wet felted Easter eggs are very easy to make with kids. We make these eggs as part of our Spring Bs Homeschool Companion unit. If you would like to make more realistic wet felted wool eggs for your child’s toy kitchen or if you would like to make a wet felted wool egg in which you can hide treats check out our previous post on wet felting wool eggs, Felted Eggs Directions.


  • Wool Roving in spring colors
  • Aluminum foil, plastic or foam egg for the center
  • Warm water with dish soap


If you have a plastic egg or a foam egg to use as your core you can skip this step. Crinkle a sheet of aluminum foil into the shape of an egg.


Wrap several layers of wool roving around your egg form.


Submerge your wool roving into a bowl of warm, soapy water.


Rub your wool roving egg back in forth in your hands or against a semi-rough surface, like a bamboo mat or kitchen towel. This agitation will help the wool fibers felt and adhere to themselves.


After your egg begins to felt a bit, you can add some additional colors of roving to create colorful stripes. 


Sometimes when I am wet felting I will get these annoying tails that just won’t felt to the whole piece. If you run into this, don’t worry about it. Just cut off the straggly ends and felt down the edges.


When you have completed your egg, set it aside to dry. You can make a whole batch of these lovely wet felted wool eggs in a very short amount of time. 



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