Old World Wooden Gnomes

Old World Wooden Gnomes

There are two things I came to realize today. First, I'm not nearly as good as Tim at woodworking (okay, so I've known that all along!), and second, it really doesn't matter! I pulled out the jigsaw for the first time this season. I only woodwork when I can work outside. As I started cutting my first piece, I realized I was certainly NOT the master of my saw blade. It had a mind of its own, and only momentarily did it pay any mind to the neat lines I had sketched on the wood. Yikes!

As I continued, I got better, and came up with a few tricks that helped… tips that I'm sure any woodworker worth their grain of wood utilizes all the time. But, in the end, I like the messed up first one every bit as much as I do the others. Character:) Anyway, not only did I get to use my jigsaw again, but I finally opened my Christmas gift from Michelle… a wood burner. So, THAT was a humbling experience BUT I am so pleased with the overall results, that I'm willing to cut myself some slack.

As always, I used milk paint and my beeswax and olive oil finish. They have a real "old world" feel to them. They look like they belonged to your great-great-great grandpa! I will share the tutorial later in the week when I get a chance to write it up. In the meantime, just wanted to introduce you to our new wee friends!  



  1. They are just beautiful and charming! I love their tender colour… take care, Muriel

  2. These are so amazingly cute. I have yet to wander into the world of wood working, but with your inspiration, I’m sure I’m headed there!

  3. These are great! I haven’t tried it all. I have all the materials but, I guess I’m kinda scared. But you’ve inspired me. I can do it!

  4. These gnomes are wonderful! I can’t wait to pass the tutorial on to my father;-)

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