Painter’s Palette Coloring Page

Painter’s Palette Coloring Page

One of my earliest school memories involves me at the painter’s easel back when I was in kindergarten. I absolutely loved it when it was my turn at the easel. All those beautiful juice cans filled with paint and the lovely cream colored paper waiting for my brush. I can remember what I painted that day… it was a scene at a circus. In the background was a big tent and in the foreground was a beautiful tiger in a wagon cage. He was lying down, looking right at me, with very friendly eyes. It was a beautiful painting.

Mrs. Banwell: Are you done?

Me: (Not wanting to stop.) Nope.

So, I continued to paint, not because the painting needed anything more done to it, but because I loved the feel of the paintbrush in my hand and the smooth way it dragged across the paper. I continue to add more and more things to the painting.

Mrs. Banwell: 5 more minutes than someone else gets a turn.

I began to panic. I had added more bars to the cage and the tigers face no longer looked friendly. I tried to fix his face and it only made it worse! I decided to cover the tiger with white and repaint him. Tick-tock went the clock. I was filled with angst. Oh where oh where had my beautiful tiger gone?

I remember standing in front of my painting and sobbing. Mrs. Banwell came over and put a hand on my shoulder. Before me was a mucky mess. I knew under all of it, my beautiful tiger was hiding, and I’d never see him again. My understanding  teacher allowed me to stay in at recess and paint another picture but it just wasn’t the same. Gone forever was the handsome tiger that looked right at me. I can still close my eyes and see his grin.

When I began teaching, I well remembered that day back in kindergarten and the tiger that was lost. I always told my students, “When you are happy with your painting… stop. You can always have another piece of paper.”

Here’s hoping you will always have plenty of paper!   

This coloring page is based on the Painter’s Palette Applique.

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