Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Want to go a little crazy with your Easter eggs this year? Instead of the standard dyed eggs, try this easy technique. With a little tissue paper and Mod Podge, you can turn out these colorful and fanciful eggs in no time. This is definitely a craft you can do with children, and you really can’t mess up since the whole thing is random. So, fore-go the Paaz tablets this year, and try something new.

eggs – can be blown or boiled
tissue paper cut into small, random pieces
Mod Podge
small bowl of water
soda bottle caps
paint brush 

1] Using your paint brush or finger, wet the egg. (It should be damp… not dripping.)

2] Place a piece of cut tissue paper on the egg. Use your paint brush or finger to moisten enough so the tissue lays against the egg. Use the smallest amount of water necessary to accomplish this. If you use too much water the tissue will bleed.

3] Continue adding tissue paper, overlapping edges, until the whole egg is covered. 

4] Place egg on a soda bottle cap and allow the egg to dry until it is merely “damp”. If it dries out completely, the tissue paper will fall off. If it is too wet, the Mod Podge will drip. (Note: At this point you CAN allow the tissue paper to dry completely. Then remove the paper, and the dye will have stained the egg leaving behind patchwork color. You can either leave the eggs as is or add a coat of Mod Podge.)

5] Apply Mod Podge to the top 2/3s of the egg. Set on the soda bottle cap. Allow to dry (about 15 – 30 minutes) then turn the egg over and Mod Podge the bottom 1/3 of the egg. Return to the cap and allow to dry completely.

If you covered eggs that have been blown and want to pack them away for future years, you may wish to add 3 – 4 more coats of Mod Podge, allowing them to dry completely between each coat. The extra coats of Mod Podge will make them sturdier and make a lovely surface.



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    1. I was unfamiliar with washi janpnese tapes… but not any more! I’ve done some googling and have seen some lovely things. Thanks for mentioning them.

      1. Ooh they do look like washi tape. I love this! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  1. These eggs are so beautiful. We are suppose to color eggs tomorrow. Although I think I still need to do some traditional dying, we are also going to make some of these. Love ’em!

  2. When you said this was a craft you could do with children, I bet you didn’t mean twin 3 year old girls, did you. Suffice to say there was more tissue paper stuck to them than the eggs. I was tempted to Mod Podge them, hehe. Although our eggs did not wind up looking like yours (I wound up not Mod Podging them) it is amazing how much the tissue paper dyed the eggs. They look more like they were tie dyed, but still pretty. I was delighted when the dye came off the girls after their bath. Especially the pieces of tissue paper that were stuck to their faces. I will try this again with them, in say another 5 years 😉

  3. I like these! I think I will try them on those ceramic eggs they sell at Hobby Lobby. Also forgot to mention if you make that bunny hat it should fit your newest grandbaby in time for next Easter as my little girl was born on Sept. 25th 🙂

    1. Sounds perfect! I think I’m going to go ahead and make it now while I’m thinking about it 🙂

  4. What is “mod podge”? Do you buy it or make it? I would love to try making these eggs. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    1. Mod Podge is a sealer. It looks a lot like a white crafting glue. As a matter of fact, if you mix equal amounts of white glue, like Elmers or Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, with water, it does about the same thing. You can buy Mod Podge, however, at any crafting store. They have indoor and outdoor varieties. Have fun 🙂

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