Patchwork Pots for Mother’s Day

Patchwork Pots for Mother’s Day

Using the same directions as the Patchwork Pot, Bug, Fairy and Pixie were busy making flower pots for their mommy for Mother’s Day. They needed assistance putting the trim on, and I did put the 2nd and 3rd coat of Mod Podge on for them, but they picked out the fabrics, painted the rims and glued on their pieces. I think they turned out lovely! Tomorrow we are going to the nursery and buying flowers for the pots. Won’t Mommy be surprised Sunday morning?!!



  1. Question. I have a brownie troop. Do you think this is something a group of 2nd graders could do mostly on their own? I have helpers.

    1. My 6 year old was able to do it mostly on his own with precut fabric pieces. Handling the pinking sheers would have been too hard for him. I think that second graders could handle this with minimul help. Note… It may take a couple sessions for drying times.

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