Personality of a Purse

Personality of a Purse

I need a new bag. I tend to wear my bags until they beg to be retired, and are allowed to sit on the shelf with my other retired bags, where I imagine they talk about the good old days, share battle scars and wallow in the peace and quiet that were sparse in their service years!

The first question when contemplating a new bag is whether to make it or to buy it. When time permits, I like to make my own. Time does NOT permit right now, so I’m on the quest for the perfect bag. And, what do I consider “perfect”? It must be big, light weight, have only 1 compartment (will accept one with a SMALL pouch or two) and, of course, it must be beautiful! I give no consideration as to whether it will “go” with the other things I’m wearing… it “goes” with me, like a good friend, and I don’t care if my friend color coordinates with me on outings, why should I care if my bag does?!

Because I tend to get all philosophical, I started thinking about how much my bags and I have in common. Then, I began to think about my mom and daughter, and about the purses they normally use. Holy Schmoley! I’ve just come up with an awesome theme for a doctoral thesis… “How Purses Reflect the Personality of Its Owner”.


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Stay with me on this and see what I mean. I tend to be a free spirit and exist in organized chaos. If things are too precise in my life, I tend to get all anxious when ANYTHING is out of place. I do much better when things are a bit messy, but able to be picked up and organized in a short period of time. I refer to this as “fluffing”. So goes my bags. I carry a lot of things with me. Who knows when you’ll need a Wipey or a needle and thread, not to mention something random to fascinate a child or a Ziplock for biohazard waste or an uneaten half sandwich. Think Mary Poppins. I have everything I need and want in my bag, but it’s all housed in one, large, central compartment. I use my own Braille system for getting things out. I stick my hand in, rummaging around, and feel my way to the needed item. I don’t need to look, I know it’s in there, so I “fluff” the contents, and as if by magic, there it is. Nothing needs to be dumped on the counter, and I’m good to go at a moment’s notice. I only use 1 bag at a time, no transferring items back and forth between purses, once you become my bag, you’re in for the duration! A Boho is definitely my bag of choice!

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Now, let’s talk Evelyn. My mom is an efficiency expert. No, that is wrong, she is an organizational expert. EVERYTHING in my mom’s life is not only organized, it is labeled. She knows where everything is and she accomplishes this by living the old maxim, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Poor woman. Just imagine how challenging it must have be for her raising me! Have you ever looked at ads for closet systems? Tim laughs about them. “Who divides their clothes in their closet by color?” Um… Evelyn! 

True story! So knowing this about my mom, is it any surprise she carries a purse with 97 compartments? A phone goes in one, keys in another, sunglasses need their own space, and so on, and so on. Talk about compartmentalizing your life! And, funny, with all this organization, she tends to “clean out” her purse every week. Seriously, what bad stuff can possibly happen in your purse in just a week? I only clean out my bag when I stick my hand in and it comes out sticky! Anyway, being an ultra organized individual, it is no wonder by mom is drawn to purses that work hard to organize its contents.

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Now we come to my Michelle, my darling daughter, whom I want to be just like when I grow up!  If you want a job done, and done right, give it to Michelle. Michelle is organized, but her strategy is “the less you have, the easier it is to organize”. Michelle is a student of William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” No fluff… nothing superfluous… just a lot of beauty and function. For years, Michelle never carried a purse at all. If she couldn’t fit it in a pocket, it was too much to carry. So, no big surprise, when Michelle does carry a purse, it is smallish, functional, yet at the same time, beautiful. She tends to like modern, bright and cheery prints. William Morris would be proud!

There you have it. Three different women from the same family. Despite our connection, we are all very different, as are the bags in our lives. So, you see, our purses truly are indicative of our personalities!

So, must ask… what type of purse do you carry and do you think it fits your personality? 




  1. Ha! No sleep last night, up with a sweet new baby, needed a good laugh, followed I might add, by a good cry!. I use to be like your daughter, a minimalist. Traveled light. No purse or small purse. Now I’ve opted for a bigger purse with 2 major compartments. One for me, one for baby stuff. Made me think of my own personality right now and I guess it’s safe to say I have a “split personality” just like my purse!!! I’m still trying to blend the mom role and the carefree childless role. I hope one day soon to have a Boho bag, with just one big compartment, where “mom and me” cohabitate! Love your blog. I’m new to it and mothering. There is so much here. Being a SAHM is new to me. Have much to learn. OMG. Am I rambling. Sleep deprived. Will stop talking but thanks again for the smile. And thanks for a great blog. I know we shall be dear friends!

    1. Hehe… I like the split personality concept. I carried a big ol’ diaper bag (well big for me… still small by most standards) for the first couple months after I had my first child. I quickly reverted back to my minimalist ways though and seldom carried one after that. I kept an extra diaper and a baggie of wipes in my sling pocket… and that was it. I will admit I did have an “emergency” bag in the car in case of diaper blow out or something like that… but I never carried it. Since I was nursing I could get away with it. I’m so not a snack toting, always have a game, sorta momma. But my kids have survived and we all adapt.

      BTW – Welcome to the blog!

    2. After I had Michelle, I had this feeling that at any minute, her real parents would show up, and pay me for babysitting and I could leave. It seemed ridiculous to think someone would assume I should be left in charge of a whole baby 🙂 It is quite the adjustment, bigger than getting married. But one day you wake up, and you can’t hardly remember a time without your child and it all feels so natural. In the meantime, have fun getting to know your wee one, and never you fear, a Boho bag is in your near future 😉 ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

  2. This is so funny, because after months of searching for a new purse, I finally bought one last week. You would think that it would be easy, but nooooo. I needed an everyday purse. Mine was so worn and one day the strap just gave out. I used to have 8 purses. 2 for each season plus the itty bitty dress clutches 8! Then I went on this spiritual quest stemming from feeling constantly overwhelmed and.I downsized just about everything. I was down to one everyday purse, one itty bitty clutch and my grandma purse that I kept because it was so cool and it had such sentimental attachments. So my strap gave out and I started using my grandmother’s purse as an everyday purse. Even though it wasn’t quite right (no straps, just small handles, so I could hang it diagonally on my body) it worked for a little over a year. Then one day I noticed it was done. The leather was ripped, the handles with holding on by a thread. Time to say goodbye and get something new. Easier said than done. Too big, too small, too many pockets, no pockets at all. No pockets means that cell phone will ring somewhere deep inside the purse and by the time I finally retrieve it, the caller has hung up. It had to be a color that fits all seasons. It can’t be too pricey. (Why oh why are purses so expensive?) Finally, finally, I found the perfect one at Nordstrom’s Rack. Black and beige animal print. Adjustable straps. Just enough pockets. I’m one happy lady. I hope I don’t need a another purse for years!

    1. Seriously… not an easy task! There are so many purses out there, but finding the one that’s just right… difficult! I’m like you, I have my everyday “work” bag, that goes everywhere, all the time, with me. Then I have 1 clutch for dress-up times when my biggy bag won’t do.

      Hope you find your new bag is a keeper. Once you break a purse in, you sure don’t want to give it up! Thanks for sharing!

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