Planting in the Hoof Prints

Planting in the Hoof Prints

Our New Veggie Garden

We finally got the veggie beds ready to plant. I’ve been working at digging them out the last couple weekends and Sunday we moved some top soil in from a bunch of old planter boxes we are removing from elsewhere in the yard. We set up the sprinkler to test out the coverage and left nice, wet, loose soil to plant in today.

So with seed packs in hand we went out this afternoon and… planted in the deer hoof prints. LOL! I’m sure that this isn’t a good sign. But maybe with veggies as an offering they will LEAVE MY HASTAS alone.

Anyway, most of the planting was actually done by ‘B’ so it will be a fun surprise to see what pops up where. I know the peas were waaayy over planted. But she was having fun. We planted some pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, beans and peas. Honestly, all I’m really hoping for this year is a few pumpkins because they are so much fun to watch growing and I think the kids would enjoy carving a pumpkin that came from our own garden. I’m not really expecting to gain anything truly edible but who knows. Maybe the deer will leave a few beans for us… but that is definitely a big maybe. 😉

Planting Pumpkins

The kids planting pumpkins.

The Girls Planting

The girls were a big help.



UPDATE: The deer ate everything! When we got home from the wedding it was all gone. ‘A’ was in tears over the pumpkins. I knew it was a long shot without a fence but I was hoping the pumpkins would make it. We plan to turn it all under and try again next with a fence in place.

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