Paper Poinsettia Wreath Directions Kids Craft

Paper Poinsettia Wreath Directions Kids Craft


Any child that can hold a pair of scissors can help make this Paper Poinsettia Wreath. Even younger children can help with the gluing. The end result is lovely and would make a special gift for grandmas and grandpas!

Paper Poinsettia Wreath Materials and Supplies:

  • red, pink and green construction paper
  • used cardboard from boxes
  • glue stick and/or craft glue
  • pattern
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

Paper Poinsettia Wreath Kids Craft

Paper Poinsettia Wreath Directions:

Find a round object the size of the wreath you wish to make. Our dinner plates are 10 1/2″. Trace the plate on a recycled cardboard box and cut out.


Using the ruler mark 2″ from the edge all the way around the circle creating an inner circle. Cut out the circle. You now have the base of your wreath.


Make a copy of the pattern and cut large flowers from red, small flowers from pink and leaves from green. The amount of flowers you will need depends on the size of the wreath you are making. For my 10 1/2″ wreath base I needed 7 flowers so I cut out 7 large flowers, 7 small flowers and 35 leaves.


Using a glue stick place a dot of glue just in the center of a large flower. We will later pinch the points of the flowers to give a 3 D look so you don’t want to glue the entire petal down.


Position the small flower on top so the small petals are between the large petals.


Glue 5 leaves to the back of a large flower. Again, only place a small amount of glue at the base of a leaf so the leaves can be pinched later. Glue leaves between the petals of the large flower.


When you have finished several flowers, place them on the wreath to without gluing so you can figure out how many flowers you want. The flowers should be overlapped slightly so you cannot see the wreath below.


When you are satisfied with how the wreath looks, remove the flowers and apply glue stick to the entire top surface of the wreath.


Glue the flowers to the wreath in a circular fashion overlapping as you go. You will need to “tuck” the final flower slightly under the first.

Paper Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial

Place a dab of crafting glue in the center of each small flower and sprinkle with glitter. When the glue dries, tip the wreath to remove the loose glitter.


Go around and pinch the corners of the leaves. Only pinch the leaves that you can see. Do not try to pinch the leaves under another flower.


Next pinch the tips of the red flower petals. Finally, pinch the tips of the pink flowers and bend them slightly toward the center so they stand away from the rest of the flower.


Paper Poinsettia Wreath Directions


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