Seaside Gnome House Sneak Peek

Seaside Gnome House Sneak Peek

seaside gnome house Collage

Here at Wee Folk Art we are embarking on a new project. And it is BIG… actually it is quite WEE… but HUGE at the same time. Here is a sneak peek. We are so excited to share everything with you, but it does take time. If we are not sharing a lot of new crafts at the moment, be patient. Once we finish up a few more things we are going to have so many things to share.

In the meantime, here’s a peek of our work-in-progress! Let your imaginations run wild!


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  1. Wow! I’m excited to see the Seaside Gnome House when it is completed! Will there be a tutorial on how to make one for our own little Gnomes? My Gnomes have seen the pics and are jealous already! Bjorn(Icelandic for Bear) and Birta(Icelandic for Bright light) Gnome are camped out on my craft table, and desperately need a house of their own. Their daughter, Fjola (Icelandic for Violet) is afraid of my cat, and says she’d feel safer in a Gnome home. We can’t wait to see the house! Thank you for the email that was sent from Wee Folk Art! <I:-) (smiling gnome)

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