Red Riding Hood Embroidery Pattern

Red Riding Hood Embroidery Pattern

Introducing the Little Red Riding Hood Embroidery Pattern

The latest pattern in our collection of Fairy Tale needlework designs is our Little Red Riding Hood embroidery pattern. This embroidery pattern collection features stylized, pixie style dolls set in our favorite fairy tale stories.

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In the Little Red Riding Hood embroidery pattern, Little Red Riding Hood is enjoying her walk in the woods. She is happily picking flowers along the path to give to Granny, unaware that the Big Bad Wolf is closely following behind her. The Big Bad Wolf’s menacing grin creates a fun, playful, and not scary overall effect. Although those sharp teeth do suggest that trouble may be coming.

red riding hood embroidery pattern in hoop

Red Riding Hood Embroidery Pattern Materials:

Transfer your pattern to your fabric using your favorite transfer pattern technique.


little-red-riding-hood-img-logoEmbroidery Pattern Stitches Used

  • The tree leaves and flower petals were made using 2 strands of floss to create a detached chain stitch.
  • To make the eyes use 2 strands of floss and create a french knot.
  • The flower stems, the Big Bad Wolf’s teeth, and Little Red Riding Hood’s skin features were made using a single strand of floss and a back stitch.
  • The circle frame was made with ruby red in all 6 strands using a running stitch.
  • All other stitches were made with 2 strands and a basic back stitch.



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I love the Red riding hood embroidery pattern! It is so cute, and I love the wolf’s toothy grin!

  2. Awwwww…I love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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