Shawl of Many Colors

Shawl of Many Colors


On the 23rd of December I finished up the last of my Christmas knitting and wanted something super simple to work on while visiting with family. This little shawl is what I made over those festive days. I followed the simple pattern Traditional Icelandic Three Cornered Shawl available from Ragga Goes on About Knitting. It show cases my first couple skeins of Noro yarn (Aya a super soft silk/cotton/wool blend with an amazing texture) which were a treat I got as a birthday gift. The two skeins didn’t make a shawl that was big enough for me (sigh)… well, I can drap it over my shoulders while working at the computer but it really isn’t long enough. Of course finding the perfect owner wasn’t a problem… it looks amazingly cute on Fairy girl (or Pixie but I think Fairy won it for now). Due to the wonderful blend of colors, my kids have dubbed it Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. How beautiful! I just love the colors.

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