Show & Tell – Jan 23, 09

Show & Tell – Jan 23, 09

Welcome to our first Friday Show and Tell. We are hoping that this will become a favorite with our readers and that many will participate by sharing projects they are working on now or have completed. Anyone can join in the fun. You DO NOT need to be a registered member to participate. This can be just photos or may include directions or tutorials. But you might want to use it to share something that has creatively inspired you or even a favorite corner in your house where you display your crafts or curl up and dream. We want to leave it very open. 

To participate in the Show and Tell, please enter your name (if you have a WeeFolkArt screen name it would be nice if you used it so we can get to know our members better) and a direct link to your project in the Mr. Linky Box below. Then leave a comment on this thread telling us something about the project you are sharing. Once you have your project listed, stop back throughout the weekend to visit all the other Show & Tell projects. Be sure to leave encouraging comments along the way.

NOTE: If you use a blog link please link directly to the individual post address not to your blog’s home page or if you use Flickr (or similar photoshare) again please link directly to the individual photo or album of the project not to your complete account. This will help everyone find your project easily.

Remember these do not need to be Wee Folk Art projects (of course they can be), but any crafty things you have been working on and would like to share with other Wee Folk Art crafters. Please submit only add one link per week. We will be doing this every Friday so you will get a chance to share again each week. You are welcome to dig into your archives… these do not have to be projects completed this week.

I hope everyone has fun sharing!

We are also encouraging our readers to use the Show & Tell threads to ask questions and make suggestions for projects you would like to see us design.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. When decorating our basement, I wanted to create a space that our grandbabies would find welcoming. I linked to my other blog where I show pics of the end results and give directions on how to achieve the look. Hope you enjoy!

  2. I am sharing a tutorial I posted on NaturesWayLearning about how to make simple wood farm animal toys. This was a project I did with my kiddos and they really enjoyed it… both the process and the toys.

  3. I am sharing pictures of an unfinished Bobbin Lace project which I began many years ago. Bobbin Lace is formed from many threads which are wound around individual bobbins. The lace is formed by weaving one or two threads through the warp threads. Pins are used to hold the lace in place as the design is woven. After about 2″ the lace is quite stable and the supporting pins can be removed. I am about to start working on this project again and expect it to take many years to complete. The first triangle of lace took around 6 months to make and I need to make 4 triangles.

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