Single Skein Splurge

Single Skein Splurge

My souvenir from Vermont was splurging on this skein of hand-dyed cotton yarn. I have animal fiber allergies and am so envious of all the dazzling wools others can wear. I don’t normally run across specialty cotton yarns and fell in love with this dreamy skein of yarn in the soft blues and violets. But now here is the question… what shall I make. This is a just for me… I actually get to keep it project. It is about 550 yards worsted weight. I would love to hear some of your ideas.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. “Yarn from Vermont” just sounds so special. Why is that? I’d probably knit a sweater (if I could) and then always mention to people that I made it from my “yarn from Vermont.”

    1. Make a hat! Cotton yarn makes wonderful hats, and one skein is enough

    2. What about a long tunic length sweater, but with a very open pattern (large holes)? Then you could wear it three seasons layered over a tank, tee, or long sleeve top.

  2. I recommend a shawl/stole. That way you can make it to size and/or keep stitching until you run out of yarn, without worrying about fit overmuch.

  3. I feel you on the wool allergy. It is awful for a crocheter & someone who loves yarn. There is so much out there that is just Gorgeous & wonderful & then you realize it’s wool & it’s crushing. But there is much more to choose from these days. I LOVE bamboo & was searching online & there are some odd things they make yarn out of that I am dying to try. Any way. I love this pattern & would be a GREAT way to show off that gorgeous yarn of yours.
    Convertible Cowl

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions.
    That Convertible Cowl looks fun. I like how chunky it is.
    I will definitely post pics when I decide on a project.

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