Spring Bouquet Kit Give Away from Wool Felt Central

Spring Bouquet Kit Give Away from Wool Felt Central

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The winners will be announced tomorrow morning. Please check back.
My girls loves these flowers… they won’t leave them alone. Gammy always makes them a special felt flower for their dance recital every year and they have already put in their color requests for June. Fairy wants a baby blue and Pixie wants a cotton candy.

Wee Folk Art, together with Prairie Point Junction’s Wool Felt Central, has a wonderful give away, just in time for your Spring gift giving and decorating!

Our dear friend, Julie, owner of Prairie Point Junction, is giving away 2 FREE kits so you can make your own Spring Bouquet… enough materials to make 18 flowers!

Each kit includes:
1/3 yard EACH of 3 colors of felt (You pick the colors)
12″ X 18″ Pea Soup for Leaves
8 skeins of floss to match the selected felts  (2 skeins of each color)
1/2 yard of green calico for stems

Note: You will need to provide 12″ pipe cleaners and large holed beads

To enter, simply visit Prairie Point Junction’s Wool Felt Central, and check out all the dreamy colors. Pick 3 colors you would like to use to make your bouquet. (We used baby blue, pink grapefruit and mellow yellow for the flowers but pick out colors that make you smile 🙂 Then come back here, give a big thank you to Julie, and tell us what 3 colors you would like if you win. Hey, even if you don’t think you want to make this bouquet, who wouldn’t want more felt to add to their stash?

The contest begins today, Wednesday, April 6, and runs until Sunday, April 10 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Two winners will be drawn at random and their names will be announced and an email will be sent to them. Winners have 1 week to contact us at weefolkart@yahoo.com with their snail address or a new winner will be selected.

So, head on over to Wool Felt Central and start planning! We want to give a heartfelt thank you to Julie for once again giving our readers a chance to win a wonderful kit.

And remember, the directions for making your own Spring Bouquet can be found HERE. Good luck one and all!




    1. I’d pick evening glow, strawberry parfait and lavender 🙂 I just got a big felt order from them last week and love it!

  1. Oh my – what a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance! I think I would pick hydrangea and red and lemon. 🙂 xoxo

  2. So hard to choose, but would have to be Periwinkle, English Rose and Buttercup!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I love all the wonderful ideas you have for felt. I am so excited to have another source for my stash. I love all the colors but was really drawn to Evening Glow, Barnyard Red, and Babbling Brook.

  4. What a great source for felt! I’m so inspired & can’t wait to make some of these beautiful flowers! My color picks: Pea Soup, Native Maize, & Hydrangea.

  5. Thank you “big” time Julie 🙂 I would pick old gold, blue spruce, and vineyard. I just love these flowers but, not good at crochet..I think I still may try it they would be so cute for Easter too. Thanks again.

  6. What a wonderful giveaway! My 4-yo tells me that I would choose buttercup, pink, and strawberry dream to make her flowers.

  7. I have been wanting to try felt from here for a long time! I have scraps that were given to me & when they are gone……

    I’m especially liking the colors: Robins Egg, Plum, and Pink Grapefruit. Julie- so kind of you to offer the felt for this bouquet- thank you!!!

  8. Hey Julie, WOW and Thanks. I frequently drool over the felt in your store but you don’t ship down under 🙁 Maybe this is my chance to get my hands on some of your gorgeous felt.

    As we are heading into Autumn I would chose Lemon, Mac N Chese and Hallow’s Eve.

    Not only are the colours lovely but their name are too!


  9. Thank you Julie for such wonderful colors to play with. My picks are Sparkling Sapphire, Shocking Pink and Lavender.My girls would love to make these flowers for their grandmother on Mother’s Day.

  10. Thanks so much Julie for providing such beautiful colors of woolfelt. I love working with felt and have bookmarked your site for future use!

    I chose buttercup, cotton candy and blue snow

    Thanks bunches!

  11. I love this project. I’d pick mellow yellow, sparkling saphire and victorian rose. thank you!

  12. Cute Cute Cute! Thank you for putting together this giveaway!! My three favorite colors to make a flower bouquet- English Rose,Cotton Candy, and Pink Violet.

  13. these are super cute and I love the colors of the felt you offer.

    If I win I pick moss, pumpkin spice, and pistachio ice cream

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  14. Heartfelt thank you to Julie for this fab opportunity. It’s the hardest thing to settle on fav colors, but I think I’d pick Buttercup, Robin’s Egg & Periwinkle. Fingers crossed…

  15. Love the colors and the flowers! I would love perriwinkle, blushing bride, and mellow yellow. Thanks Julie

  16. It’s always nice to see such generous giveaways on your blog.

    Right now I’m eyeing the Lemon, Peacock, and Lavender.

  17. What a difficult choice! I think I’d go with cotton candy, robin egg’s blue, and mellow yellow. Here’s hoping! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  18. I’ve spent the whole morning trying to decide on colors. Whether I win or not I am making these. I would pick mellow yellow, buttercup and white. I love the yellow roses in my garden. It would be nice to have them indoors all year long.

  19. I have been wanting to buy a silk flower arrangement for my husbands office and haven’t found anything I think is masculine enough. I have this wonderful leather vase, and I just picked out colors that I think will look great. Thanks for the chance to win but now that I found the perfect solution, I’ll be making these even if I don’t!

    pumpkin spice

  20. Not sure they’d make terribly good flowers, but I’m loving the colors Moss, Buttercup, and Hallow’s Eve. Thanks for the generous giveaway (and the great tutorial)!

  21. I’d choose:
    Sandstone, Rustic Crimson & Blue Spruce!

    Thanks so much!

  22. I choose:
    Plum, Victorian Rose and Grandma’s Garnet.

    I love your giveaways! and Ideas!!

  23. This time of year I’m just itching for color anything (besides white, grey, and brown)!

    So hard to choose but Strawberry Dream, Native Maize, and Peacock are screaming “you need me!”

  24. Julie,
    Thanks for sponsoring this contest,and all the others(all of which I enter!;))you have sponsored in the past-here and on other blogs.
    I love wool felt, and the three colors I would love to win are Wheat fields, Blushing Bride, and Blue Snow. It was a hard choice!

  25. This is a fabulous contest. The colors I choose are Babblinb Brook, Black, Wheatfields. Thank You 🙂

  26. lemon, periwinkle and Evening Glow. All such beautiful colors!

    What a fun giveaway!

  27. My girls would LOVE to make this craft! I would choose Native Maize, Englinsh Rose and Hydrangea… the colors would look great in the living room!
    Fingers crossed….

  28. Strawberry Dream, Cotton Candy, Baby Blue, Peacock. I actually have pea soup left over from another project so I was wondering if I could slip in a 4th color.

    I have been buying from Wool Felt Central ever since you first introduced them and have truly appreciated the 20% discount your readers get. Love your blog, love their shop, fingers crossed!

  29. I love Wool Felt Central!
    The colors I would pick are: English Rose, Hydrangea and Deep Blue Sea.

  30. Thanks Julie for a great give-away!

    I would choose Red, Lavender and Lemon. ANY color at this point (while we still have snow on the ground) would be welcome!

  31. Lemon, pistachio icecream and shocking pink are the colors I’d choose. I love wool felt central! Thank you, thank you for the chance.

  32. What a great giveaway! I love creating with felt, but I always use eco-felt because that’s what’s easy for me to find. I’ve actually never had the chance to work with (or even feel) wool felt, so this would be so great! Pistachio ice cream, ocean kelp, hydrangea and robin’s blue are my favourites! Thanks for the chance!

  33. I choose Lavender, Peacock and Chartreuse.

  34. I would love this! The 10th is my birthday as well, what a lovely present that would be!

  35. From the moment I saw these flowers, I knew I would be make them. Thank you for the tutorial and thank you Julie for participating in this giveaway. I have long loved your website. I would choose pistachio ice cream, plum and native maize.

  36. Beautiful blooms – truly lovely! I would choose Robins Egg Blue, Cotton Candy and Purple Sage to fit in my sewing room and bloom all year!

  37. So many decisions! Ok, I absolutely adore the Buttercup, love the Lavender, and still can’t decide between Wheat Fields or Blue Snow. If I am one of the chosen two… Julie may choose for me;) Warm thanks in advance for the opportunity to bring some spring inside my home. A little bliss to look at, while the snow is slowly still melting away;) – Abby

  38. Gorgeous bunch that I quietly admired. . . Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I would pick Hallow’s Eve, Norwegian Blue and Grandma’s Garnet

  39. It’s so hard to pick just three. Looking at the shop makes me want to have 3 of each!

    I finally settled on pinks – blushing bride, pink, and cotton candy would be my first picks because my daughters LOVE pink. 🙂

  40. I’ve spent several hours now pondering this, but I think I’d pick lemon, strawberry parfait, and lavender! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  41. This is adorable. I picl lavender,cottoncandy and buttercup! Thanks so much for the idea!

  42. Thanks Julie!


    I have placed two orders from this company. Solid service!

  43. I think that Buttercup, Pink and Periwinkle would be very lovely together! There were so many lovely colors that it was very hard to choose! Thanks for the great tutorial~

  44. I’m gonna go with shades of purple. Hydrangea, grape jelly, periwinkle. I have ordered from wool central and was very pleased with product and service. Thanks so much to all concerned for the giveaway!

  45. Julie- thank you for the lovely giveaway. I love working with wool felt and you have such yummy colours- hard to pick just three – robins egg blue, periwinkle and lavender should make a lovely spring bouquet!

  46. So many great colors to choose from… I would pick Blushing Bride, Pink and Cotton Candy.

  47. i would choose peacock, pea soup and hydrangea. and i love that these flowers won’t wilt and die!!

  48. buttercup, barnyard red, and pumpkin spice would be nice 🙂

  49. I would choose Robin’s Egg blue, Mellow Yellow and Mac N Cheese. 🙂

  50. I would love to have English Rose, Mellow Yellow and Norwegian Blue. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  51. All the colors are yummy, but I’d pick hydrangea, denim and ocean kelp for the flower project.

  52. Love your page and PPJ is my favorite place for wool. The flowers would look great in Lavender, dusty rose and some blue spruse for a punch!

  53. Rustic crimson, Deep blue sea, and cloudy day. I adore the names they’ve chosen!

  54. I like the looks of buttercup, hydrangea and periwinkle. Love all the names of all the colors too!

  55. I don’t know if they would look good all together in one vase but I love the robin’s egg blue, periwinkle and hydrangea!!!
    ~ joey ~

  56. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Oh, I think I would have to go with the Evening Glow, Hydrangea and Wheat Fields (even I wasn’t sure the name was right for a pink color)!

  57. Soooo in love with everyone of the “Oh So Orange” collection and I’ve bookmarked the site for when I start on my fall shows. I had to keep “flowers” in mind so I’ve chosen the naturals : Straw, Native Maize and Beach Sand.
    Thanks so much for the linkage!!!

  58. Wow, how generous! I think we’d go for Cotton Candy, Periwinkle, and Baby Blue. I’ve been meaning to order a sample pack for a while now! Thank you!

  59. Those stacks of felt are just stunning. My favourites are lemon, strawberry parfait and grape jelly. Thanks Julie!

  60. I’d love Mac N Cheese, Buttercup and Evening Glow! Thanks for all the great things you show us!

  61. These flowers make me smile and hope for warm weather soon! They are lovely and I have ordered wool felt from Wool Felt Central in the past and their colors are gorgeous. My favorites for the flowers are buttercup, pink grapefruit and ocean kelp….to match my porch…

  62. First and foremost thank you for every day that you put a smile on my face with your creativity. Your generosity and imaginative inspiration are beyond compare. Julie, you inspire me each and every day.

    If I was the person lucky enough to be chosen for this giveaway I would choose the following three colors: Native Maize, Barnyard Red and Babbling Brook.

    Bless you for all that you do.


  63. I’m new to the world of felt, but these look gorgeous. I would use pumpkin spice, pistachio ice cream and robins egg blue. Thanks Julie!

  64. Oh Thank you SO much Julie. I found these gorgeous flowers through craft gossip last week and I just had to show my beautiful sister. She is getting married early next year and we are trying to do and make everything ourselves (the whole family is getting involved)

    She really wants to incorporate these gorgeous flowers into her wedding – either as a centrepiece for the tables at the reception or as an alternative to the usual flower bouquet.

    The colour theme for her wedding is pink grey and white so the perfect colours would be antique white, wheat fields and cobblestone. So beautiful.

  65. Thank you Julie! I love Wool Felt Central. And I would love to make a bouquet of flowers with red, norwegian blue and lemon. That would certainly be colorful!

  66. Thank you Julie! I adore Wool Felt Central and have been a customer for a few years. I would choose English rose, Hydrangea and Antique White with Pea Soup for leaves. BTW, love this website and blog..

  67. This is a lovely giveaway. Thank you, Julie and Wee Folk Art,
    for being so generous with giveaways and super ideas. Would
    love to win the flower kit and I would pick Native Maize, Evening Glow, and Blue Snow.

  68. I’d pick peacock, cotton candy, and either native maize or mellow yellow–I can’t tell which would coordinate better! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  69. Those are just beauteous! I’d pick plum, antique white and English rose. Thanks!

  70. I love the bouquet! I’d have to pick mellow yellow, mac n cheese and Hallow’s Eve.

  71. All the felt colors are just so pretty! I did pick ‘English Rose’,’Evening Rose’, and ‘Lemon’ as the colors I most like, but realy any color would do.

  72. Thank you Julie for the lovely give-away! I would pick white, lavander and Peacock.

  73. I’d pick English rose, periwinkle, and native maize. But how could I stop there? Thanks for offering this giveaway, and introducing us to Wool Felt Central. I purchased beautiful wool felt for Christmas stockings this year and the colors were so lovely. A bouquet for my 2 dancers seems to be next on my list of things to make!

  74. Beautiful giveaway!!!!
    I would choose LAvender, Cotton Candy and Buttercup.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  75. I love these flowers and I really like the model colors so I would pick baby blue, pink grapefruit and mellow yellow. When I first saw this post before the give away, I emailed all of my crafty friends the link. The flows are so cute. I also ordered a candle mat kit from Wool Felt Central before Christmas. I was really pleased with how fast the kit came. I was able to complete the project and give it away as a Christmas gift. It turned out really cute and it was my first big wool felt project. I can’t wait to try one for next halloween!


  76. English Rose for my daughter, Purple Sage for Mommy and Peacock Blue for my Son. Each color represents one of us. If I could chose a fourth color it would be one of the reds for Daddy.
    Bless Bless

  77. I would love mellow yellow, cotton candy and antique white. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. So hard to choose, the colors that jumped out at me were; Robin’s egg blue, pink violet, and shocking pink.

  79. Since we have just entered Autumn I have chosen Oakwood, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon!
    Thank you Julie 🙂

  80. Even the names are especially appealing! These would be my choices: Norwegian Blue, Red, and Blue Snow. Thank you for this giveaway and the great tutorial!

  81. Not an easy choice! I would love Hydrangea, Norwegian Blue, and Lemon.

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway

  82. Thank you so much Julie! There are so many beautiful colors to chose from. I think I would go with English Rose, Periwinkle and Buttercup. 

  83. I would love to see: hydrangea, sparkling sapphire and barnyard red

  84. Thank you to all for such a wonderful Spring contest.
    I love strawberry parfait, pink violet and lavender!

  85. Thank you Julie! I like the Ocean Kelp, Baby Blue and Pink Grape Fruit. Thanks again!

  86. Wow…Thank you Julie & Wool Felt Central for this chance at some great wool felt products. I like the colors…Hydrangea, Baby Blue & Native Maize. Also thank you for the pattern. I’m always looking for different projects to use with wool felt.

  87. What a fun idea for a give-away. If I’m fortunate enough to win, I’d choose Periwinkle, Peacock, and Chartreuse. I wonder how many ladies you have inspired 🙂 Thank you!

  88. Julie, thanks for providing this opportunity to take part in the bouquet give away. The felt colors available from your web site are so pretty. I would make a bouquet out of the Mellow Yellow, Buttercup and Canyon Ridge…not really spring colors, but coors that would go great in my house.

  89. Thanks julie for holding this contest
    I love lemon, strawberry parfait, and evening glow!

  90. cotton candy, periwinkle, and evening glow would be lovely.

  91. How lovely, thank you. I can never find enough blue flowers so, Lavender, Norwegian and Peacock would make me smile!

  92. Love these! It’s go with the pumpkin spice, old gold, and ragtime blue. Thanks!

  93. Thank you Julie for this giveaway! So many lovely colors . . . my daughter and I finally decided on lavender, cotton candy, and strawberry dream.

  94. Love the colors used in the model. Love the visual interest of these. If I had to choose other colors, I like pumpkin spice, copper, and butternut squash. I am crazy for Fall colors 🙂

  95. Thank you Julie and wee folks for this wonderful give away!!
    I hope to win, Norwegian Blue, Periwinkle and Victorian Rose.
    Thank you for the beautiful felt flower instructions.

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