Something for the Boy

Something for the Boy

Ok, some of my other projects got derailed this week. Bug has been asking when am I going to make him something. I do tend to sew more for the girls… but let me clarify that he gets his fair share of knitwear. Gammy (Kimara) took it upon herself to stock up on lots of boy fabric this past week, letting Bug choose a few favorites himself. I was actually a bit surprised with what he declared to be his absolute favorite… an air force print. So boy. When did he pass that little kid “anything with puppies” stage? Anyway, I used McCall’s Pattern 3193 and managed to whip up two pairs today and cut out a third. Bug loves that the shorts have pockets. I’m working on some appliques to make matching t-shirts to go with the shorts. I should have those done over the next few days.



Here he is modeling his new flame shorts. He wasn’t interested in holding still so mom could get a photo for her blog… hmm… but he was thrilled with the shorts and called them awesome. I think they match his bike helmet nicely ;).



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Well done Michelle! Those boy shorts look really comfy! Kimara really knows how to pick the perfect boy prints! The flame fabric is so fun!

    1. Truth be told… Bug picked out both those prints. At the beginning of the shopping excursion I was thinking about some cutesy frogs, etc. But he had other ideas. I’m so glad I took him with me. He picked out 4 prints. Later, I went on line and bought 9 other fabrics… just to have on hand, and I made sure they were more in keeping with his new "big boy" image. I did manage to get some lizards, turtles and goofy monsters… which he still likes… thank goodness! Mich… tell Bug I agree… the flame shorts look awesome… especially with his biking helmet.

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