Spring Gnome Sleeping Bag

Spring may bring with it warming days and flowers, but the nights can still get mighty chilly in The Thicket. But just because the gnomes may still need sleeping bags, there’s no reason they can’t be light and springy! These 2 sleeping bags use bright, cheerful colors, and the heart and flowers speak spring! Follow the general directions in our FREE Crafting Club Patterns for The Gnome Sleeping Bags with this Spring Sleeping Bag Pattern. Your gnomes will sing your praises. Enjoy!

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  1. Your crafts are truly inspired. THESE are the kind of toys children should play with. With money tight these days being able to make toys for our children is especially important. You have provide many with the means of doing just that. Thanks and God Bless!

  2. The little gnomes look so comfy and cozy in their tiny beds! Very very cute!

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments. We had someone suggest Christmas sleeping bags. And why hadn’t we thought of that. We promised that we’d have patterns up in plenty of time for the holidays. In the meantime, the gnomes are enjoying their spring bedding!

  4. que bonitos y encantadores,hare unos para mis sobrinas,son muy muy bonitos.un saludo desde espau00F1a y felices fiestas de navidad.

    1. Gracias. Estoy alegre usted tengo gusto de ellos. Buenas fiestas.

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