Snow, snow, and more snow…. but mostly cold. How to hold off cabin fever… keep your hands (or more importantly your kids’ hands) busy. Fortunately most of my kids’ Christmas gifts were activity based and as this winter has keep us mostly indoors… we have greatly appreciated all the craftyRead More →

Materials: Felt pieces glass seed beads embroidery floss 3 12″ pipe cleaners florist tape pattern Directions: 1] Make copy of pattern. 2] Cut out pattern in desired colors. Inner Beaded section: 3] Mark the inner circle. 4] Using 2 strands of embroidery floss, bring thread up in the center ofRead More →

For a young child’s bracelet 2 1/2″ diameter. Add more hearts and beads to enlarge.  Materials: small piece red wool felt small beads .7mm Stretch Magic elastic red embroidery floss heart pattern [1] Copy pattern. [2] Cut out 2 hearts for each heart on bracelet (I needed 4 finished heartsRead More →